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Pride Month Series: DJ Wayne G

To celebrate pride month, throughout June we will be asking “What does Pride mean to you?” We’ve spoken to people from across our vibrant scene and community.

Today we spoke to international scene DJ legend… WAYNE G!

GLL: What does Pride mean to you?

W: Pride to me nowadays means standing up for who we are. What we are and fighting for Equality. The fight isn’t over. Too many of our trans family are being murdered, far too often. This needs to be addressed.

GLL: Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

W: I went to my first Pride event in London around 1993 I think. I came out after meeting Oliver Frost (now part of Massive Ego) and he was always more political and dare I say, prouder of his sexuality than I was at that time. The march had a huge impact on me, I was to see that there were so many more in that community than I had been led to believe, I was always told I would end up dying alone and lonely. Seeing every colour under the rainbow and every gender, brought home to me that I wasn’t alone in this world. It was the first time I really had screamed out loud ‘I’m here, I’m Queer, get used to it’. That was the phrase back then. Maybe it’s still a thing?

GLL: What is your favourite part of Pride?

W: Seeing everyone together. For far too long now, the community as such has broken off into several entities. We are ALL from under the same umbrella. We need to enforce that thinking more. Stand together more. Together we are stronger. It’s also great being able to see our elders march and the leather/kink community. It’s the mosh pit of rainbow colours that I feel Pride is all about and makes it so emotional, for me at least.

DJ Wayne G & Ariana Grande

GLL: Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

W: Having Andy Bell from Erasure singing my mix of ‘A Little Respect’ in my set for San Francisco Pride, completely unexpected and completely insane for the crowd. It was a Sunday T dance for about 3000 people. The energy was off the charts. Also just after I remixed Ariana Grande ‘Problem’, she agreed to perform at NYC Pier Dance, where I was spinning too. That young Lady is a true ally.

GLL: Why do you think Pride is still important?

W: I know a lot of people think that Pride is to commercial nowadays and that corporate companies are cashing in around this time of year and I understand a part of that but as a kid growing up, knowing I was different, knowing I was Gay, there was no walking down high streets and seeing window displays full of colour and in support of Pride. It’s great that kids nowadays can step into a shopping centre and feel like they are seen. That it is acceptable to be proud and Gay. To know there is support out there and you are not alone. As I mentioned earlier, we still have a long way to go for Equality and we need to stand up for our rights as a COMMUNITY.

DJ Wayne G

You can keep up to date with everything Wayne G across his socials.

insta: @djwayneghoofsagram

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