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Pride Month Series: DJ Tafkanik from HOMOSTASH

To celebrate pride month, throughout June we will be asking “What does Pride mean to you?” We’ve spoken to people from across our vibrant scene and community.

Today we spoke to the lovely DJ Tafkanik from Homostash. Here’s what he had to say:

GLL: What does Pride mean to you?

T: For me Pride is about being who you are, accepting who you are and being proud of that. Pride is a celebration of people, with all their differences. It creates a great force by coming together, fighting for LGBTQ+ rights across the globe but also by remembering what our community did for us in the past.

GLL: Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

T: My first Pride experience was the EuroPride in Vienna in 2001. Being a teenager and experiencing such a massive, colourful event and seeing thousands of like-minded people from the LGBTQ+ community was exciting and breathtaking. I felt ecstatic and I am not sure how but I ended up on top of one of the Pride trucks. That memory stayed with me forever and definitely gave me a feeling of empowerment.

GLL: What is your favourite part of Pride?

T: My favourite aspect has to be the gathering of different groups within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, to celebrate our inclusion in the community as well as our differences. There is a strong collective feeling of unity which I love. And of course, it’s always an incredible party!

DJ Tafanik

GLL: Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

T: My favourite Pride memory is probably the one from my first Pride. Dancing on a Pride truck and seeing thousands of like-minded people gave me definitely a confidence boost about who I am. It was a strong contrast from the year before when I was simply too afraid to go to the Pride parade. EuroPride was definitely a moment that changed my life and gave me the confidence to be openly gay.

GLL: Why do you think Pride is still important?

T: I think Pride is still extremely important. It’s great to celebrate the LGBTQ+ diversity but what I find even more important is that we make a political statement and don’t forget our community across the globe that in many places struggles for even basic equality rights. You can’t forget that there are countries that still execute people for being homosexual or put people in jail. In many places, people are alone and can’t even express themselves without fear. It is important to keep awareness about those things and try to help our community where we can!

We have to also remember that homophobia and transphobia still exists in the UK as well. Homophobic & transphobic attacks do happen as does discrimination and inequality. Luckily there are some laws that protect us but even in that respect, things need to improve. Conversion therapy should be banned as well as equality with regards to blood donation should be in place, gender reassignment process needs to be made more accessible (just to name a few). But most importantly we need to be aware that we can’t take anything for granted. We have seen throughout history that liberal laws can be changed and progress can be halted. For example, you can see it in my home country, Poland or in Hungary where a discriminative law against the LGBTQ+ community has been passed recently. We need to be vigilant and always support the weaker people in our community.

DJ Tafkanik and Homostash can be found at OFF Club at the Steel Yard on 24th July. RE-OPENING weekend. 

Plus will be hosting a rooftop party at Egg LDN on August 8th and will be heading up a Pride Special on September 11th.

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