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Popper Super Shop: Review of the best poppers of 2022

This year has seen some great new Poppers UK arrive and some of them are great new additions. In terms of the best sellers, not much has changed. Berlin XXX is still the most popular followed by Power Rush, Fist, Jungle Juice and European imports. That said, some of them have come close and have only become available later in the year so next year we might have a different picture.

Even though the poppers that sell the most are often the strongest ones, classics like Liquid gold and Amsterdam continue to have a strong following. What is always surprising is that some customers are all about one particular brand which for other people is the very one they hugely dislike. Finding the brand that you love the most is not always easy. What makes it harder to find “the one” is that the only way of finding out which poppers are perfect for you is by trying them. 

Now, back to the 3 most popular newcomers of 2022.

Power Rush with power pellet  

This new brand is already part of the best sellers. Coming from the same manufacturer as the original Rush popper, you can view this as Rush on steroids. Available in 10ml and 25ml and both have a power pellet in the bottle. The thought behind the power pellet is to re-activate the formula when using for the second/third time and also to keep it stronger for longer. The power pellet does increase the price slightly. Other popular power pellet brands are, Red Bullet, Potent Blue and Xtreme Power.

Twisted Beast Poppers

This new addition is aimed at the more hardcore users. Imported from Europe these have quickly gathered a big Fanclub in the UK. Especially the Skull Fuck is a hit. I am convinced this is partly to do with the design of the bottle, as it is in the shape of a skull. The Twisted Beast range has various sizes and price points. In terms of sizes, we see that the larger bottles outsell the smaller ones. General feedback is that the smaller bottles are often bought to take with you to a club, party, or a hook-up because they are easy to have in your pocket and are also enough for one session. 

Amsterdam Slim XXX  

Like the Skull bottle this little beauty also has a new design that we have not seen before. As the name suggests it is a tall slim bottle. Having these new designs might make them a novelty and therefore popular to start with but we are seeing customers returning for re-orders. A great sign they are delivering what the customer wants, a good time! With regards to the tall design, it has the added benefit that it fits in your hand nicely. I mean, there is nothing worse than dropping the bottle which I am sure has happened to most of us. This brand is also imported from Europe and not to be mistaken with the classic Amsterdam Gold. 

Other newcomers and those yet to arrive

Also, new this year, were Juic’d and Mr. S Leather, both great room aromas but are so new to the store we can’t yet analyse the data properly. As for 2023 we have some great new brands that will hit the store. In the Pipeline, we have a new version of Fist arriving plus Amsterdam Platinum and Bare so watch this space for the best poppers

Keep them stronger for longer.

We often get asked how to keep your leather cleaner stronger for longer. Well, the most important thing is to keep the bottle away from the sunshine or heat. When the formulation warms up it will evaporate a lot quicker when you open the bottle.  The second piece of advice is to store your poppers in the fridge or even freezer. From all the storage options, this is the one that seems to have the best results. Most people have a bottle in the drawer next to the bed, which is totally fine. What we would suggest is that if you buy multiple bottles (most customers do) have one in drawer and put the rest in a colder dark place so you can achieve the most fun!

This month our December sale is on at https://www.poppersupershop.com/ with huge savings on all these poppers and many more. We only deliver within the UK and process your orders ASAP, so you can quickly enjoy the fun.

We hope you have an amazing Christmas and 2023

From all of us at the PopperSUPERshop.

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