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Piercing by the professionals at Pierce Me London

Life’s too short not to get that piercing you’ve always wanted. Just entrust the professionals at Pierce Me London to deal with the fiddly part

 There’s something about summer that makes people do things that are completely out of character. Nobody’s attempting an ill-advised home-dye kit in the middle of November, nor are they trying their darndest to revive jelly shoes. It must be something to do with the sense of optimism and hopefulness that comes with the sunshine and the long days.

Sometimes these personal experimentations are a source of regret, but others are decisions you’ll be thankful that you had the seasonal courage to give a go. We’re putting getting a piercing in that latter camp. Piercings straddle the line between mainstream and eclecticism at this moment in time. Yes, Kendall Jenner has her nipples done, but a tongue piercing is the sort of thing that will still offend more traditional types.

If you’ve got none, start with a cheeky lobe or two — just remember that the left one is the gay one, although it could be the right. Maybe add a nose or an eyebrow if you’re no stranger to the needle. If you’ve got a taste for the extreme, well, a Prince Albert is the final boss to conquer.

Whatever you choose to have done, it’s the sort of personal and intimate procedure that needs a professional’s touch and that’s exactly what you get at Pierce Me London. Located just off Leicester Square, it’s staffed by friendly staff members that will put you completely at ease and minimise pain as best they can. They’ll also sort you out good and proper with the right jewellery and tips for aftercare, so you can be proud you had the guts to get it done all those years later. It’s possible to do walk-ins, but you can also book appointments if spontaneity isn’t your thing. 

Best of all? You can take it out if you change your mind at some point in the future. Shame the same can’t be said for that slightly warped Eeyore you’ve got tattooed on your arse cheek.

Pierce Me London, 36 St Martin’s Court, WC2N 4AL, Nearest Station: Leicester Square

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