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Our very own CHERYL HOLE has landed with her first single, ‘NEED THE POWER’

She may have just had the chop from Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Vs. The World but that isn’t stopping our Queen of Essex, Cheryl Hole, turning up to the party with an anthem that is going to keep the party going. The success of her feature on Priyanka’s (Winner of Canada’s Drag Race: Season 1) EP, Snatch, it was clear that people were dying for more music from Cheryl.

Talking about her latest upcoming project, Cheryl said:

Doing music is something I aspired to do since I was a child. I looked up to these pop divas: Britney, Girls Aloud, the Spice Girls. These were all the artists I wanted to be when I was growing up. It was through drag that I realised I could fulfill this fantasy and make it a reality. When you first leave Drag Race, you need to hit the ground running, so you need to take every opportunity you can.

So, a lot of projects get put on the back-burner and this time around I was like, ‘I’ve hustled, I’ve cemented myself, I’ve got nothing to prove. Let’s just start doing the things you want to do.’ I wasn’t given many opportunities to showcase what I do so this is a chance to say, ‘Look, you missed out seeing me do this on TV, so here’s what I’m doing in the real world.’ This song is so infectious, it’s beyond catchy which is so true to me as an artist… It is a pop girly bop, You are going to want to hear this twirling on the dance floor with a voddy red bull in hand. It’s what I describe as Dua Lipa meets Girls Aloud and you’re just gonna be wanting more!’

Need The Power, co-written by Cheryl and the team behind Priyanka’s EP Stacey Kay, Leah Allyce Canali & Craig McConnell, is an anthem to will get everybody up out of their seats, on to the dance floor and dancing the night away. With quintessential funny quip lyrics for Cheryl, you’re going to be asking ‘Where my divalinas’ in your sleep.

PHOTO CREDIT – @cherylholequeen instsgram.

The music video, which drops at 6pm Friday 11th is a true expression of Cheryl’s creativity and artistry. The theme for the music video is the 5 stages of grief, Cheryl has said: ‘I wanted to end one chapter of my time on drag race and start this new era. After being eliminated, I went through so many different emotions processing it all where I finally ended up accepting what had happened and ready to start the new era, the new chapter and show that she’s not so mediocre anymore. The music video has some killer choreography, some incredible looks and some familiar faces that have lifted me up in my darker times.’ Cheryl has lots of exciting shows coming up and a tour announcement coming this summer so get yourself ready to get out and see Cheryl doing what she does best, which is leaving her heart on the stage and death dropping straight on to it! Stream Need The Power here: https://awal.ffm.to/needthepower

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