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Our Chezza is here to answer all your May dilemmas

Hello my divas and dolls of London. In the words of Justin Timberlake, IT’S GONNA BE MAY! And yet another month of me sorting out your worries and woes! Now May is normally the month when nightclubs and bars start to get a bit more sweaty for drag queens so I normally have my own issues to worry about but don’t you kids worry about me, I’m here to help YOU! So let’s take a dive into the pool of all your concerns and I’ll bring the arm bands!


Hi Cheryl, 

I’m trying to decide whether to cut a close friend loose from my social media. They stopped talking to me last August and we’ve had a bit of communication at the start of the year, but after twenty years of friendship, no real answers have been given as to why they cut me off, but they’re still following me on Facebook and the gram. I’ve gone to delete them twice and stopped myself what do you think? 

Dean, Kennington 

Hi Dean, 

Look. We as humans grow and evolve as we move through life — it’s only natural. I’ve had plenty of friends I’ve drifted apart from due to different circumstances and it’s no reflection on either of us as people — we just now surround ourselves with different people. I don’t think they’re intentionally trying to cut you off, but I don’t think you should delete them unless you have no desire to have them in your life, period. You never know, something may happen (good or bad) that’ll bring you back together! Just always see the glass as half full as much as possible. 

Hey Chezza, 

I feel I’m going to be single forever, swiping left on pretty much every boy I see. Am I being too picky? I’m happily single but do you think that’s going to stop me from meeting someone? 


Brian, Battersea. 

Brian, my darling. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want in a person but sometimes we focus on the small details so much that we overlook the larger picture. Why not try jumping into the deep end and go on a date with no end goal, but just to have fun and see if something can be sparked from someone least expected. If not, I’m sure Clonezone has the whole downstairs to keep you occupied!


Cheryl, Darling… 

I need some help. I broke up with my first love about three months ago. Things hadn’t been right for ages, but I’m in that phase in which all you remember is the good stuff and I just can’t seem to get over him. What should I do? 

Chris, Shoreditch. 

Hey Chris! Look it’s tough, I remember my first love and we weren’t even in a relationship but everything was tough. During a breakup, you have to go through all the waves of emotions: upset, anger, denial etc. But eventually, you will get to the acceptance stage and be ready to move on with the next chapter of your life. Sometimes you need to talk yourself off the ledge first — you don’t need to throw yourself into another relationship but remember there’s so much out there in the world. One person shouldn’t hold you back from strutting down Shoreditch High Street like a divalina!

Cheryl, I’ve got the ultimate crush. Every day on my way to work in Soho I spot this girl. We literally clock each other every day and we seem to get to work at the same time. I’ve no idea even if she’s gay but we’ve even said hello twice. It seems weird she’s always there when I am. What do you reckon? Should I go for it? 

Bianca, St John’s Wood

Oh Bianca, my darling. What you should do is try your best to start the smallest of small-talk conversations. Perhaps you bump into each other and you compliment the ensemble of the day. This can be a quick thing so it’s not awkward. See if that leads into something more. If not, just buy a milkshake at McDonald’s, walk into her and make it look like it’s her fault — guilt her into a conversation!  


Dearest Cheryl, 

I’ve been wanting to send you a question for a while. I had a bit of a sex dream about you. Well, it wasn’t a sex dream, more a fantasy. I’m into sploshing, you know kinda, getting horny with food. I’m not going to tell you the dream, but can you answer me one question, do you prefer trifle or cream cakes?

Iain, Finchley

Well, I don’t know what to say, Iain. This is the first time someone’s informed me of their fantasies (for the record, I’m intrigued so if anyone has ever had a sex dream about me, slide into the DMs haha). But OK, I’m probably gonna give you a boner-killer with this one but I would opt for cream cakes because I can’t look at trifle in the same way after my sister as a child ate too much and threw up trifle all over me!

You can catch Cheryl here next month for all your dilemmas answered make sure you email cheryl@gaylondonlife.co.uk !!!

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