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OMG, this was so intense! We talk to esmale toy tester, Oliver

GLL caught up with Oliver from esmale, who is a toy tester! Who knew such a job existed, and well… Oliver, we’re jealous!

I have been looking for some extra fun times and saw that www.esmale.com were looking for sex toy testers. Now, to be honest I have never been much of a toy user. For some reason, the thought made me uncomfortable. You know taking time out of your day to play with yourself. Sure, like most men watching a bit of porn and having a quick wank is almost a daily occurrence, but this type of self-love feels different! 

Here goes nothing

Whilst I still had the courage I applied and, surprisingly, I was selected for the job. It seemed that my wariness was just what they were after. After a conversation in which I had to share some preferences and provide details that felt rather personal, but I guess relevant to this job, I was all set to start. From the conversation, we concluded that I should start with some anal stretching toys before I start testing some of their other toys. This is fine by me as I have seen some of the dildo ranges and at this moment there is no way I can handle them.

Another point they made when they found out that I like to use room aromas is that I can’t use them whilst testing, which is a shame because I love using them!
They want me to judge the experience of the product itself without any other stimulants. 

The Heat Vibrating Masturbator

The fun began with the arrival of the first toy to test. I was sent the Heat Vibrating Masturbator from Satisfyer. It arrived very discreetly packed and the product itself looked very luxurious in a well-designed box. Off to the bedroom, I went. After reading the instruction I got kind of excited, especially as I had never used such a product before. There are 11 different vibration settings but even more unique is that you can set and control the heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. I had no idea sex toys were advanced these days. It even comes with a USB magnetic charging cable.

I used some spunk lube which was provided by esmale and was ready to go. I was lying on my back and with a semi-hard manhood entered the Masturbator. At first, it was my instinct to start beating away, but I remembered the instruction from esmale to let the toy do the work, so I started playing with the settings. Here comes the embarrassing part, the first time I used it I came within moments, it was THAT intense. I only managed a few settings and had not even played around with the heat aspect of the toy. The more I used it the better I got the hang of it. I have still not managed all the vibrations but used all the heat settings which are excellent. Ultimately it feels like your manhood is wrapped in hot flesh that it is wiggling around like mad. Great fun and very horny. The masturbator is waterproof, and I loved using it in the bath. For me, it is the perfect way to relax after a mad day at work. After the required 3 sessions I was ready to write my feedback and as you can conclude from the above this product got the thumbs up.  

Mad day at work

What next?

I am not sure what will be next. I love the look of the Hot Octopuss range but I assume I do not have much say in what I will be testing. Whatever it is I can’t wait. 

This experience has really changed my mind with regards to using sex toys for letting off steam and just treating myself to some good times. What I really enjoyed is the “moment creation” attitude I now have with this. I block out time and really concentrate on having some leisurely play that satisfies my body and mind. Don’t get me wrong I am still a slave to my urges and have spontaneous pleasure moments but now I have the more organised ones as well. It is a win-win! 

esmale satisfier

Click this link: Satisfyer men heat vibration masturbator to read more about the product. 

If they let me, I will share more of my experiences with you but for now, I say goodbye and get myself off for another session. 


Toy tester at esmale!

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