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NEW YEARS EVE 2023: Neon Nights at VAULT139

Ahead of their NEON NYE PARTY, We shine a light on our new Year issue cover stars, London’s longest running Cruise Bar, Vault139

Cruising is one of the oldest artforms around. As long as there have been slightly hidden spaces, men have been giving one another suggestive glances and a whole lot more once they’re reciprocated.

Often this ancient dance happens outside, but there’s a big drawback here — what happens if it’s raining? What happens if it’s cold? Or to put it another way, what happens if you live in the UK?

Well, the answer is you can head to a cruise club, just like Vault 139. This venue has been welcoming in punters for more than 15 years now and most of them leave with a huge grin etched across their faces.

For all those who’ve never been, let us paint a picture. Once you’ve found the inconspicuous doorway on its peaceful side-street, you head down the stairs, pay your entry and enter the Vault. Depending on time and day, you might be required to strip down to your underwear or even your birthday suit.

Once you’re appropriately dressed, you’re free to explore. The bar sits in the middle of the space and is a good place to get settled in. However, if you want to get straight into the heat of the action, you only have to disappear into the low-lit corridors and corners populated by other curious guys. And you can use your imagination to picture what the rest of a visit looks like.

Occasionally, there are special events, too. On New Year’s Eve
for example, there’s a neon party to celebrate the end of 2023 — the dress code is all or nothing, so anything from full fluorescent jumpsuit to completely starkers is A-OK.


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