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NEW MUSIC: Genderfluid Electro Pop Visionary, Emperors, drop “We Are The Emperors”

Fancy a bit of lacy sleeve cuff, pixie booted new romantic pop wonderfulness… Look no further its EMPERORS!

Emperors are a two-piece electro-pop outfit, consisting of singer-songwriter Stephen “Cassandra” Eyre, and producer-songwriter Jankovsky.

Expressing the “Age of Aquarius” spirit, Emperors delivers a unique worldview on their latest single “We Are The Emperors.” Drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra is a fresh new artist in the electro art-pop scene that is unafraid to push the boundaries of traditional binary ways of thinking while making catchy danceable music created in untraditional dada-esque fashion.

Having adopted a bohemian lifestyle from an early age, this up-and-coming artist has been able to capture and combine their one-of-a-kind experiences and broader philosophical thinking into musical and visual art worth admiring.

Drawing upon inspiration from a wide range of artists, from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga, “We Are The Emperors” immediately captures the listener’s attention with thumping percussive beats alongside the funky guitar playing underneath. That with the smooth baritone vocals create an experimental soundscape quite different from and much needed in the modern popular music scene.

Stephen / Cassandra

The music video released alongside the song for “We Are The Emperors” goes hand-in-hand with the song’s general messages about gender expression and the ongoing shifting political landscape. Featuring several genderfluid individuals, including Emperors’ drag queen and drag king personas, this music video truly captures the essence and capabilities of a much-needed revolutionary artist.

Though it may sound lofty, I would love to give a unifying feel to the contentious issues of our time… An EXCITING, sexy fun feeling making everyone wanna jump on

Watch the music video for “We Are The Emperors” here:

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