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MEO.de : Christmas! But make it sexy!

I’m sure you’re totally over buying those Lynx Africa gift sets this Christmas. Why not push the boat out and make Christmas SEXY!

We chatted to Wolf down at MEO.de about their fabulous stocking fillers you HAVE to get your hands on, or in or around or on this Christmas!  You get the gist! this


Wet Stuff Ready Lubricating Gel Capsules

The Wet Stuff Ready Lubricating Gel Capsules melt in the ass and not in the hand – with these super practical, new lubricating gel capsules, that annoying fumbling around with sticky silicone lube bottles – very inconvenient, especially in darkrooms, at sex parties or in the pool – is finally a thing of the past.

You can buy them HERE.

Sniff My Sneaker Face Harness – Head Harness Sniffer

With the Sniff My Sneaker Face Harness your sub can stick his nose exactly where he likes it best: deep inside your sweet smelling sneaks. But the best thing is that your sub has to enjoy them as long as you want, because the buckles of the head harness with which the sneak is fixed to his face are lockable.

You can buy it HERE.

Freddie Flogger – Bondage Bear Plushie

Freddie Flogger demands your attention as an adorable, fuzzy teddy bear decked out in elaborate bondage gear. You’ll immediately submit to the cuteness that is this Bondage Bear, which comes wearing a faux leather chest harness complete with a center O-ring. His outfit also features faux leather boots, an eye mask and his signature flogger.

You can buy him HERE.

Butt Plug Harness

Our butt plug harness gives you discrete, exciting stimulation exactly where you want it best. You can wear the butt plug harness anytime, anywhere – whether in the supermarket, at the gym, at parties or wherever – the butt plug in the harness spoils you without anyone noticing. Even in/ under the water, because both the harness and the butt plug are waterproof.

You can buy one HERE.

Door Sling – DeLuxe Door Swing

Now you can be fucked really hard and deep, and all you need is a door. This wonderful invention gets the thumbs up from us. Our door sling is perfect for travelling, for hotel rooms and for apartments where there isn’t enough room for a normal sling.

You can buy one HERE.

DeLuxe Pleasure Wand made of Stainless Steel

With the curved dildo made of stainless steel, it penetrates at exactly the right angle to stimulate the prostate or G-spot in a targeted manner. Enjoy this astonishingly beautiful dildo anally or vaginally and massage your point of pleasure gently or more challengingly by moving the toy back and forth; this happens completely intuitively thanks to the functional design of the dildo.

You can buy one HERE.

Luxury cock ring with La Greca pattern – gold

Our cock ring with inlay (the La Greca pattern, known as the Greek key) is worn around the penis and balls providing a blood congestion effect in the penis.

You can buy one HERE.

Make sure you check out the rest of the amazing stocking fillers on MEO’s website HERE!

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