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Love and Rage: UK Black Pride 2021 is HERE!

UK BLACK PRIDE 2021 IS HERE!! with this year’s theme of Love and Rage!

Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQI+ people is kicking off today in spectacular fashion, with a HUGE list of live-streamed events. Due to covid restrictions, this year’s celebration is an online event only, but that hasn’t slowed the huge amount of events that are on, over the next few days. Starting today, Friday 2nd July.

UK Black Pride produces an annual celebration during pride month, as well as a variety of activities throughout the year in and around the UK, which also promotes and advocates for the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health and wellbeing of the communities they represent.

UK Black Pride is a safe space to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, cultures, gender expressions, and backgrounds, they foster, represent, and celebrate Black LGBTQI+ and QTIPOC culture through education, the arts, cultural events, and advocacy.

Importantly, UK Black Pride promotes unity and cooperation among LGBTQI+ people of diasporic communities in the UK, as well as their friends and families.

A Statement from The UK Black Pride Team and Lady Phyll

Building on the success of our 15th birthday digital celebration in August 2020, which attracted 30,000 viewers, UK Black Pride’s 2021 event will extend to three days, recorded live at an as-yet-unannounced venue in east London.

We are acutely aware that our communities will be looking forward to an in-person event this year, but we can’t yet say with confidence that we could put on a physical celebration and keep our communities safe. The safety of our communities is our responsibility – and one we take very seriously – and so we have taken the decision to err on the side of utmost caution.

To honour what has been a tremendously difficult year for so many in our communities, UK Black Pride’s 2021 theme is “Love and Rage”.

We’ve seen firsthand over the past year our communities’ persistent commitment to each other; the ways we show up, in big and small ways, is nothing short of inspiring. We continue to show what it means to love, to love hard and to love against the odds.

We are also raging, disappointed and tired. Our communities continue to be overlooked and undervalued, tokenised and discarded. From constant gaslighting to this country’s steadfast refusal to address and redress structural and institutional racism, we have a lot to be mad about.

Our anger is righteous. Our love is righteous.

Our 2021 theme claps back against the many ways we are told who we are allowed to be, and how to grieve, love and rage. We will not be quiet, we will not be meek. We will be heard, and we will be loud.

UK Black Pride is the space where each of you can show up as all of who you are, with your rage and disappointment, with your unyielding love and capacity for joy. We can’t wait to celebrate and rage with you. Let us show what is possible when we show up in our fury, committed to loving each other and changing the world.

The UK Black Pride Team and Lady Phyll.

This year there is a HUGE amount of events happening across three fantastic days.

Here’s what’s on:

3pm Panel Talks with host, Missa.

3.05pm Poet – Lauren-Michelle

3.15pm Opening Doors London – Marc Thompson in discussion

3.45pm Host, Missa.

3.50pm Terry Logan

4.00pm A word from our sponsors

4.05pm Host, Missa.

4.10pm Prepster Sexual Health Discussion with Phil Samba

4.40pm Host, Missa.

4.45pm A word from our sponsors

4.50pm Interview with Jeffrey Pickering with Josh Rivers

5.10pm Host, Josh Rivers.

5.15pm David Kam – Movement Workshop with Lululemon.

6.00pm Host, Josh Rivers.

6.05pm Busy Being Black – Live, in conversation with Ted Brown.

6.55pm Host, Josh Rivers.

7.00pm The Cocoa Butter Club

20.30pm Closing

2.25pm Host, Char Bailey

12.30pm LGBT Switchboard

12.35pm Kush

12.40pm Unison

13.05pm Host, Char Bailey

13.10pm A word from our sponsors

13.15pm Host, Char Bailey

13.20pm Just Like US

13.30pm Akiliah

13.35pm Host, Char Bailey

14.00pm Rico Jacob Chace

14.10pm Jamie Chi – Queer China

14.40pm Schools OUT UK

14.45pm Victim Support Chuks

14.55pm Aamir

15.00pm Host, Elsa

15.05pm Shakira

15.20pm Host, Elsa

15.25pm Closing

Times and acts are subject to change

12.15pm Host, Ajay Pabial

12.20pm The Naked Pianist

12.25pm Minara ‘El Waters

12.30pm Host, Ajay Pabial

12.35pm Aditya Sinha

12.42pm A word from our sponsors

12.45pm Host, Ajay Pabial

12.50pm Teenasai Belamu

13.05pm L.iberty Human Rights

14.05pm Host, Ajay Pabial

14.10pm Laks

14.15pm Speaker Slot

15.00pm Host, Ajay

15.05pm DJ Aisha Mirza

15.50pm Host, Ajay Pabial

Times and acts are subject to change

Curated by Moonlight Experiences

12.15pm Host, Ria Scott

12.20pm Shivum Sharma

12.25pm Inclusive Tamil Arts

12.55pm Host, Ria Scott

13.00pm Bee Jamming

13.05pm A word from our sponsors

13.10pm Host, Ria Scott

13.15pm Stonewall

13.40pm NEO 10Y – music video premiere

13.50pm Mr & S1sta

14.35pm A word from our sponsors

14.40pm Host, Ria Scott

14.45pm O.D.C

14.50pm Host, Ria Scott

14.55pm QPOC Project

15.25pm Coco Couture

15.30pm Host, Ria Scott

15.35pm Salute

15.40pm DJ MiMi

16.25pm Host, Ria Scott closing

Times and acts are subject to change

Brought to you by the UK Black Pride Team

12.00pm UK Black Pride

12.05pm Host, Kemah Bob

12.10pm Lady Bushra

12.15pm Afroswagg

12.20pm Host, Kemah Bob

12.25pm A word from our sponsors

12.30pm DJ Stan

13.15pm Host, Keham Bob

13.20pm Jamaal Monarch


13.45pm A word from our sponsors

13.50pm Special announcement

13.55pm Host, Kemah Bob

14.00pm Desta French

14.05pm Ebony Rose Dark

14.10pm DJ Kisces

14.55pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

15.00pm YENA

15.05pm Tyreece

15.10pm Emmavie

15.15pm NEO 10Y

15.20pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

15.25pm Special announcement

15.35pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

15.40pm Haus of Melanin

15.50pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

15.55pm Daniel Molyneaux

16.05pm A word from our sponsors

16.10pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

16.25pm Beyoncé Experience

16.50pm Host, Rikki Beadle-Blair

17.00pm HEADLINER: Darkoo

17.25pm DJ Big John

18.20pm Lady Phyll and the UK Black Pride team

Times and acts are subject to change

Curated by DJ Biggy C

12.05pm Host, DJ Biggy C

12.05pm Basmati

12.50pm Host, DJ Biggy C


13.40pm Host, DJ Biggy C

13.45pm Toya Delazy

13.50pm DJ Kaspa

14.40pm Host, DJ Biggy C

14.45pm TBA

15.30pm Host, DJ Biggy C

15.35pm Mark Ashley Duppe

15.40pm Speaker Slot

15.45pm Host, DJ Biggy C

15.50pm DJ Chillz

16.35pm Host, DJ Biggy C

16.40pm DJ Biggy C

17.30pm Closing

Times and acts are subject to change

UK Black Pride will be steaming across three fantastic days. As you can see there is so much to watch over those three days, make sure you check it out. you can view all the rooms and streams HERE.

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