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Friday, June 14, 2024

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London’s gay Carrie Bradshaw debuts raucous solo stand-up

Dating columnist and podcaster Anthony Gilét pushes the envelope with his first solo show “What am I like?”

Premiering at Camden Fringe, Tomorrow the 11th at 7pm and 18th at 9pm August at the iconic Water Rats in King’s Cross, “What am I like?” follows Anthony Gilét, creator of hilarious gossip blog Cocktails & Cocktalk, dating columnist for Attitude magazine and host of unfiltered podcast Cocktails & Confessions, as he brings his quick wit and hilariously dark musings on life to the stage.

From a fat poof of Lewisham that went on to hold the prestigious title of 48th most eligible bachelor in the world, Gilét’s show is packed with casualty sex, awkward masturbation, role-play, and ugly babies, with deliciously dark humour that you probably shouldn’t laugh at… but probably still will. He’s THAT friend who says the things nobody else would dare say out loud.

Gilét mixes the show up with filthy confessions from his podcast show, his own less than desirable experiences, and a little audience interaction.

“I’ve always been fascinated with controversy; I wrote my dissertation on it, along with censorship. I hate being told what I can and can’t say. So there’s a part of me that really gets off on pushing the envelope and my favourite sound is a gasp and a laugh happening at the same time,” Gilét said.

Tickets: £6 from Camdenfringe.com

Direct link: https://camden.ssboxoffice.com/events/oversensitive/

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