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Live… Laugh… Lesbian… with Helen Scott

F*ck Pride! There, I said it. F*ck. Pride. I said it again! My inner, queer voice is kind of screaming right now, but let me explain…

June is the month for us to be highlighting issues that we’re still facing globally as LGBTQIA+ people. Utilising the spotlight that we’re so kindly given for this month and building up our allies, educating the world and being unapologetically us. It’s our month, and so we should be making the rules right? But we’re not.

White, heteronormity has taken Pride Month, slapped a (not even inclusive) rainbow on it and claimed it for their own. Victoria Beckham’s Pride Campaign is by far the most lol this year, but, I digress. Pride month is now dictated by companies wanting to appear woke, by content creators (hands up, I’ve been guilty of this) cashing in to promote products, and what should be pride protests up and down the country are becoming more like music festivals as the years go by. And I’m over it!

Helen Scott 2We know that straight people love to take parts of queerness, paint over it and call it their idea. The worldwide phenomenon of RuPaul’s Drag Race for example has meant drag is now dominated by straight women screaming ‘YAS KWEEN!’ at their local bottomless brunch. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fun, right? More work for our Drag community, right? That doesn’t seem harmful at first, but when you start layering appropriation upon appropriation, that’s when we start to lose our strength, our identities and ultimately our voices.

I don’t want to rain on our gorgeous, glitter parade here, but if we as a community don’t uphold the values of pride month, then who the F will? Like our ancestors before us, we can create impactful and meaningful change that will change the course of history forever.

Sometimes I fantasise about a worldwide freeze in the month of June on anything with the rainbow flag on it, inclusive or not. Really stick it to the corporations and let them
know that THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! But I guess ultimately it comes down to each and every one of us to take a step back to really think about what Pride means to us. To hold ourselves accountable for the part we’re playing in all of this, and get a bit more Marsha P about it all.

Marsha P

For me, Pride Month is the opportunity to take that spotlight and drive home the lack of fullness of our depiction in everyday culture. To champion the parts of our community that are still feared, hated and underrated by the straight community and educate on matters that are impacting not only our livelihoods but our actual lives. Trans women being women, femme lesbians being less sexualised and pronouns being not only valid but extremely important.

I’m taking suggestions in my DM’s on solutions, from the outrageous to the logical and everything in between. I just know that together, real togetherness, is the way to a Pride month that feels valuable, authentic and truly doing what it’s meant to do; further protecting our community in the years to come and overcoming our fight for equality.

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