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Live Laugh Lesbian with Helen Scott: The Spook Lewk Book!

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, the LGBTQIA+ Community knows how to slay Halloween like no one else. Whether it’s because we’ve nailed playing dress up as baby gays, toyed with different styles throughout our lives to find the right queer aesthetic for us, or simply because we’re elite. We simply rock a costume like no other.

Halloween is Queer Christmas. We come out in force and certainly don’t do it by halves (when do we ever?) and honestly, it stems from this idea of escapism, right? We can throw on an outfit and for one night become someone, or something, else. We can relate.

Of course, like most firsts in the queer community, Gay Christmas was initiated by Drag Queens, the fairy godmothers of the community. By dressing up and throwing utterly outrageous shows over the Halloween period during the 50’s and 60’s, it started this trend in the community which has never died out, and I think I speak for most of us when I say, we couldn’t be happier about it.

Much like we own the month of June with Pride, we officially own Halloween. So I thought I’d offer up some potential lewks for this year’s revelry, taking inspiration from some of my favourite iconic looks from some of my favourite Queers.

Lil Nas and the pink cowboy effect

The image of Lil Nas in this utterly iconic attire has been burned into my retinas since I first laid eyes on it. Pink to make your boo wink and just dripping in camp fun, this is an easy find. Just have a scroll through Asos and you’ll find that ‘pink’ and ‘cowboy’ are two of the hottest trends this autumn, and should be easy to come by. Make it your own by adding rhinestones or a fierce winged liner look, like only us gays know-how.

Janelle Monae at the MET Gala

Like a non-binary nun of the night, Janelle utterly slammed in this rhinestoned to fuck number. It’s simple, mysterious, and sassy, a perfect Halloween combo if ever I heard one. And sure, the hours you take to replicate this look may be many, but once worn I guarantee you’ll turn just as many heads. It’s also dual purpose, you can easily sneak a mate into a ‘sorry we’re full’ party under that thing.

Fletcher’s ‘Becky’s So Hot’ Tee

The song that started the meltdown of Tik Tok Celesbians globally, this look will, at the very least, let every other Lesbian in the vicinity know that you’re one of them. Pair it with whatever takes your fancy, leather pants, a pleated skirt and boots, or some glittery knickers, it’s all about the gossip you can get involved with in this lewk.

Indiya Moore as Marsha P Johnson

What do you get when you take two iconic women and put them together? This beautiful recreation of the famous look we all recognise and respect of glorious Marsha P. An ode to the past, and a strong indication of the future, I’d love to see more lgbtq+ history throwbacks this Halloween. If thoughtful, artistic, activist-like cosplaying is your vibe, this is a go to!

Dame Kelly Holmes raises her Pride Flag

Lastly, if not for the stylish white blazer and red pant vibe, then for the bravery and acceptance surrounding Dame Kel’s story. This is a Halloween costume that will delight all the Queers around you. Not an obvious or out there choice, but certainly one that you can easily pick up online and that would make a great conversation starter. Just know that you won’t be taking that blazer home as pristine as when you left. Queers are fabulous, but we spill, honey.

And so, Happy Queer Christmas my loves! Go forth and slay like you’ve never slayed before. And if all else fails and you leave it too late to find a banger of an outfit, throw on the very queerest of fits you can find in your wardrobe because, babes, we never miss.

Catch Helen here next month or follow her on Instagram @helenscottuk

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