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Linda Gold’s FUNNYBOYZ swing into action across the UK!

Funnyboyz has to be the LGBTQI success story of the century hosting 17 events across 10 cities….but it wasn’t always that way.
Linda Gold’s events now considered, some of the biggest In the UK was launched in December last year during the pandemic, as a party in Liverpool to bring some colour to the doom and gloom.
The events opened during a window where the government allowed venues in Tier 2 regions to open, however, faced adversity when the events were targeted by a small minority on social media for opening during the pandemic, so closed shortly after due to peer pressure on the events owner Linda Gold.
Linda Said “We had the best intentions of spreading to colour to the world at a time when everybody was desperate to escape months of lockdowns and restrictions, in fact, we were overwhelmed with support but even though we complied with all the government guidelines, a small minority attacked us saying we were spreading covid  and there was no talking the internet trolls out of their messages of hate, so despite following all the rules, I decided to close the event and re-launch at the end of the restrictions”

FunnyBoyz 2

After a 5 month restructure Linda and her partners Dys-Alexia & Sissy Lea, re-launched event in Liverpool on May 17th and in Brighton, London and Manchester soon after.  Funnyboyz has just signed a lease on their first 7-day venue in Blackpool and will be launching 7 days in Liverpool from October 27th.
Their London venue which is located within the City Of Quebec has become very popular with the Season 3 RuPaul Drag Queens and regularly hosts Favourites such as Krystal Versace, Vanity Milan, Scarlett Harlett, Choriza May & Electra Fence.
Funnyboyz has just announced it will extend the London family into ZODIAC in Islington on Wednesday 3rd November with a very special guest all the way from Drag Race Canada, Tynomi Banks!
For more info visit www.funnyboyz.co.uk

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