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Libidex Interview: We caught up with Simon Rose ahead of the launch of LiberationX

Ahead of the launch of LiberationX, GLL caught up with the head designer and director of Libidex, Simon Rose, to look back on his proudest moments

Simon Rose of Libidex

Hey Simon, what have been the standout moments in Libidex’s history?

There have been quite a few through the years but expanding the business and becoming one of the largest producers of high-quality latex clothing in the world is the cherry on top of a very delicious cake. It’s our ability to think differently and to push the boundaries of latex fashion that people seem to like. It’s great that so many people return to us again and again – we must be doing something right, surely?

We know you opened a retail store, Liberation. How did that come about?

It was a natural progression from having a solely online business to a brick and mortar shop where customers could come in, check our products, meet our friendly and expert staff, and enjoy the full Libidex experience, all in the heart of Covent Garden. Sadly, it’s temporarily closed at the moment but will be opening sometime soon.

Sending orders across the globe must be hugely exciting – where is the most unexpected place you’ve had to send to?

This has got to be Papua New Guinea. Who would have thought!

We’d imagine you must have dressed a fair few celebs in your time, can you kiss and tell?

Oh, my goodness, if only we could! We can certainly name some of our most memorable collaborations if that will quench your thirst. Off the top of my head, there’s Lady Gaga, Eminem, Caprice, Beyoncé, Cheryl, Girls Aloud, Julian Clary, Melanie Brown, Nicole Scherzinger Emily Ratajkowski, Violet Chachki, Fame, Eva Herzigova, Jake Shears, Arca… you get the picture.

Why do you think the LGBTQ+ community are so into dressing up?

For me, it’s is a mixture of different things. Part of it is a bit of a rebellion act, like giving your middle finger to society and all the norms, rules, and expectations that the LGBTQ+ people are asked to follow. And there’s also the creativity side of things to be considered too – all those fabulous ideas have got to manifest somehow. There’s no better way for one to showcase your true colours than through the magic of sequins and all that glitters.

How do you think the latex scene has changed over the years and can you spot trends coming?

It has changed enormously. From the early days of Atomage in the 60s and Tom of Finland imagery as well as legendary clubs like the Backstreet which opened 37 years ago, a lot has happened. It’s not a dirty little secret anymore – latex wear is so popular these days. As well as being seen in most pop videos, Netflix series, Hollywood films, on magazine covers the world over with the rich, famous and fabulous, it’s even available on the high street! It can no longer be tamed and its influence on popular culture is simply undeniable. Trends wise, it will get even bigger, as millennials have embraced rubber as something to be celebrated, without the prejudices and preconceptions of past generations. Also, with the use of laser cutting machines and 3D printers, the new possibilities will be limitless.

Tell us about LiberationX… 

We are bursting with excitement about launching our new venture LiberationX. If you have been to our Covent Garden shop before, you’ll know what a splendid place it was for the fetish community. But the world is a very big place, and we want everyone to be able to buy the myriad fetish gear, accessories and toys available at our shop at the click of a finger from anywhere in the world. The site will not only sell fetish staples but will also champion the smaller makers that are hard to access otherwise. Watch this space!

Finally, what words of advice could you give someone starting out, getting into latex?

Take your time, don’t rush, do your homework, and look for a reputable company. Then choose your size well and ask for guidance if you need it. Last but not least, find something that will make you feel special. After all, wearing a latex outfit is one of the greatest wardrobe experiences you will ever have.

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