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Libidex: From lockdown to latex

This week we chatted to one of our absolute favourite people. Simon Rose. Simon is the head designer and director of Libidex, the world-leading latex fashion brand. We wanted to get all the gossip about the brand and lockdown as well as give you a little insight into the world of latex, in case it’s something you’ve always fancied trying.

Here’s what he had to say.

Simon showing his latex credentials

GLL: For those who have never heard of Libidex and Liberation, tell us all about you?

SR: Libidex was founded in 1989 quickly establishing itself as the world’s leading latex fashion designers & makers of fine fetish ready-to-wear and couture clothes. I took over the business in 1999, I am the company’s director and head designer.

Liberation was opened in 2004 and we are the only dedicated latex shop in central London. Not only that but have been operating for 16 years in the exclusive and expensive Covent Garden shopping district but with a difference, as we offer affordable latex wear for the people of the world without compromising on quality and style. We currently closed but planning to reopen by Autumn/21 once we now are absolutely safe to our customers and staff for us to do so.

GLL: Over the last year, we know a lot of businesses had to change the way they work, did the lockdown affect yours?

SR: Believe it or not for us at least, the global pandemic had the opposite effect. Our customers showed us fantastic support and we were busier than ever before. If anything Brexit was far more detrimental to our business than anything we ever faced.

GLL: We’ve seen you have some new ranges out recently, do tell us more?

SR: We just launched our Hot and Skimpy range of shorts and vest.

We kept very busy during the lockdown, working hard on this fantastic new collection featuring innovative laser-cut mesh(which looks fantastic in pouches by the way!). As well as all things bondage with buckles and studs galore, fetish-themed motifs applique, including any custom words of your choice like Fist, Pig, Kinkster, Butch, Master, Slave our sky is your limit.

Bedlam Shorts


Aero G-String


Stud Jockstrap


Ethan Vest


GLL: If you are new to rubber clothing, as a beginner what would you recommend as a good place to start?

SR: As an introduction piece a pair of G-String is a great way to dip your willy in kinky waters before you are sure you want to swim neck-deep in a river of fetish filth, they start from £24.95 so not too much of a financial commitment.



GLL: If you are looking to make sure you have key pieces in your rubber wardrobe, which pieces do you think are essential?

SR: It will depend on where you are going.

Our Supertight Jeans and Parallel Zipper Polo shirt are timeless classics!

A good biker jacket like our Maddox Biker Jacket is a must, our Pouch Shorts for hot balmy nights and of course one of our catsuits like the Neo catsuit with pouch is essential too. Once you fuck wearing a rubber catsuit, vanilla sex will pale in comparison.

Supertight Jeans


Maddox Biker Jacket


Zipper Polo


Pouch Shorts


Neo Catsuit with Pouch



GLL: And finally, do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you’ve ever designed and made?

Simon & Friend

SR: Yes, I surely do although mind you it was a long time ago. Once upon a time, I used to travel the world clubbing in a 10 foot high( in stilts) Leigh Bowery-inspired latex creation. It had a donut-like inflatable head, massive torpedo tits and more spots than Cruella could shake her cigarette holder at! Those were the days!

You can find all of Simons creations amongst other designs at the world-famous Libidex website www.libidex.com


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