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LGBTQ+ Gamers Are an Untapped Demographic

The LGBTQ+ gaming community is slowly growing and becoming more accepted. With this emergence, there’s an opportunity for game developers to appeal to a segment who have never been tapped before. This article explores why experts believe developers should tap into LGBTQ+ gamers.

Underestimated Community

The LGBTQ+ community is often overlooked. Hence, the gamers of this community are under-represented, so there aren’t enough resources to help them feel comfortable as they play. The hardships faced by this gaming community are under-reported by the media, meaning it’s difficult for them to be heard.

It’s also about not representing this group. For example, if a game has many LGBT characters, it’s usually marketed toward younger audiences. This segment doesn’t care about representation. The game should instead be marketed towards players who identify as LGBTQ+.

Developers also need access to information about this customer base. This can result in lesser queer-friendly products. Neither slots nor online casinos aren’t being made with this demographic in mind because there simply isn’t enough gaming data available for this community.

Safe Space

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community isn’t something gamers talk about with friends or family because it can be considered taboo in many situations. By increasing diversity among these groups, gaming companies can increase representation for everyone who feels like they don’t have a place in society. It also helps eliminate the stigma toward the group.

More LGBTQ+ Characters

Countless games feature LGBTQ+ characters. However, they’re usually relegated to supporting roles or background characters. While this is a problem, it’s not the only reason the LGBTQ+ gaming community is so underrepresented.

The main issue is that these gamers feel like they need help to be themselves in gaming spaces – even if they want to be. The solution to this problem is simple. Speak openly about the community and create more games with LGBTQ+ characters as the lead.

The inclusion of these characters wouldn’t only help the gamers feel accepted. Still, it would also give other gamers who may be unsure about their sexuality or gender identity something to relate to when they play a game.

Emerging Community

Research has shown that LGBTQ+ gamers are highly interested in games that include characters and themes they relate to. They also have higher levels of participation in online forums and social media platforms than other gamers.

This suggests that these gamers are an untapped demographic for marketers and developers alike. Marketers should take note because it means money can be made by targeting products and services they’ll use.


The LGBTQ+ community isn’t too dissimilar from other gaming communities. Members of the community have their preferences, platforms and genres. As more and more games include options to identify as gay or trans, game developers must continue building on this. Doing so could help broaden a game’s audience and, in turn, its success.

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