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LGBTQ+ Fashion Brand, Bear Belts KICKSTARTER campaign WANTS YOU!

Established in 2022, co-owners Kristian and Paul were fed up with belts on the market, constantly digging and pinching and not doing their job by keeping up their trousers. Being bigger guys, they were interested in finding a belt for themselves and other bigger guys out there, and that is when Bear Belts was founded.

An elasticated buckle-free belt that is perfect for the guy with a bigger tummy, no more buckles digging in and leaving marks, no more need for a bigger belt if you but on a bit of weight and have used up all of those notches, our fully elasticated waistband is adjustable and stretchy.

Since the success of their first products, they are now looking to expand the range to add Suspenders ,also known in the UK as braces.

The team are passionate about creating high-quality suspenders at Bear Belts that combine style and comfort. Their Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds to bring our suspenders to life. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our suspenders are designed to enhance any outfit and you can help ?

The team are currently just over 50% of their current goal and need your support

Some reasons to get involved..

  • You can support us by backing teir Kickstarter campaign, sharing it on social media, or simply spreading the word. Every bit of support counts!
  • Style and Functionality: Our suspenders are fashionable and functional, providing a secure and comfortable fit for any occasion.
  • Supporting Small Business: By backing our project, you’re getting a stylish accessory and supporting a small business with a passion for quality.
  • Join the Bear Belts Community: Be a part of our journey and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the blend of style and comfort.

Their Fundraising Goals….

  • £2,100 – Bear Flag: At this milestone, we’ll launch our Bear Flag design, a tribute to inclusivity and diversity.
  • £4,300 – Rainbow Flag: Reaching this goal allows us to produce Rainbow Flag suspenders, celebrating the broader LGBTQ+ community.
  • £11,400 – Black, Coffee, Navy Blue, Grey: At this level, we’ll expand our range to include these classic, versatile colours.
  • £15,000 – Blue, Red: Achieving this goal will enable us to offer even more variety, adding vibrant blue and red options to our lineup.

Fashion should be a fusion of comfort, quality, and self-expression. Our suspenders aim to break the mold, offering a unique blend of all these elements.

Check out their KICKSTARTER HERE!




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