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Levelling up with Billy Mick

After our Eurovision result, I think we all need a bit of cheering up this Monday and We have just the person to put a smile on your face. Introducing: Billy Mick!

Billy Mick’s new album, Leveling Up is out now, a dazzling collection of tracks as thrilling and as uplifting as the man himself!!

Based in Florida, USA, Billy Mick has wowed audiences at home and on radio stations around the world, his neon explosion of thrillingly upbeat pop, a return to the glory days of real pop music with no strings attached! Leveling Up sees Billy dipping one foot in the 80s synth-pop and another in rockier waters, encouraging people to embrace every opportunity in life and to make the most of each day.

Having received heavy support from LGBTQ+ media, including Gaydio and Gay London Life, Billy is conquering the world one glittering step at a time and bringing some sunshine to everyone’s lives!

Billy Mick is a natural-born entertainer, building successful careers in theme parks and musical theatre before becoming a singer-songwriter, releasing his debut album, Just B, in the summer of 2020. Packed with his barely-contained exuberance and love of life, it was inspired by his own experiences, not least a three-month period he spent in hospital battling against an immunity problem, made all the more terrifying due to his HIV Positive status (now, thankfully, undetectable). The experience left him having to learn to walk and talk again but his indomitable spirit has seen him emerge as an irresistible performer it’s impossible to ignore!

With a wardrobe of sensational, self-made, and designed jackets and his beloved Boston Terriers, Tiana and Al Capone, Billy hasn’t wasted his time during lockdown, streaming performances online every weekend and using his theme park experience (and talented friends) to film a series of new music videos!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BillyMickMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BillyMickMusic1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/billymickmusic/

Website: https://www.billymick.com

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