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Leather In Lockdown

Ever wondered what a leatherman gets up to during when the clubs are shut down? Well, here’s the daddy of all doms, Brew Hunter, to answer those questions

“A couple of months before that first wretched lockdown, two hundred or so leathermen were in full fetish flow, celebrating the 6th Birthday of my event MASTERY, a night that recalls and recreates the heady days of the classic leather scene.

It’s not only a leather event – I also want to embrace the hardcore Rubber men and boys who, I believed (being myself an enthusiastic aficionado of both modes of sex-gear) could mingle as friends and fuckers in the event I had always imagined hosting; a night where men could drink at a bar, smoke in a cigar yard, and fuck, fist and piss in and on their subs and slaves, in front of an enthusiastic audience. And that is what MASTERY quickly became, thanks to the enthusiasm and unquenchable sex drive of London’s horned-up Leather and Rubber guys.

And suddenly – bam!! Lockdown! No clubs, no bars, no interaction. The internet came Zooming into its own, and at least we could communicate through our screens. But that hugely frustrated me, as MASTERY had been started specifically as an encouragement for all ages to try and wean themselves off the apps and websites, and to head out to have their eyes opened once again to what a hard-line Leather club could and should be; heavy-playing and excited men had flocked in, discovering a harder Leather world beyond a jock, a harness and a disco floor… 

I decided that those ensuing months would not be put to waste, and – as well as those activities that everyone, it seemed, started ‘worthily’ pursuing (walking, painting, meditation)- I began to focus on and develop aspects of my fetish and leather interests that (pre-lockdown) had been on a back-burner. So without further ado:

  1.  My leather gear collection finally got a decent wipe down; buffing up the accumulated stains, scuffs, scratches and splashes (leaving just a few of my favourites to remind me of especially heavy sessions!)
  1. The steel chest where I keep my whips, paddles and floggers was given a long-overdue airing, and the implements tangled there were all given a good leather feed, and I resolved to give each one a weekly 15-minute practice session, so my whipping and flogging skills would stay honed and toned.
  1. My fetish friend and colleague, USA DJ and producer M.ARANA, and I worked together to share on Soundcloud an XXclusive remote Fetish Soundtrack, MASTERY: The Lost Tapes 2020 (listen here: https://soundcloud.com/dj-producer-m-arana). This hugely talented, hard-hitting Fetishman produced MASTERY: The Album, and his @Play series (1-4) is my go-to collection for dungeon scenes and BDSM sessions – go check them out; LOST TAPES became a fast favourite with fellow Dominants and their slaves during those lockdown months.
  1. Having regularly presented my various SM ‘MasteryClasses’ (Flogging/Impact Play, FLOG IT!, BDSM Ownership & Slavery, MASTERY 101)at various Fetish venues, plus London Fetish Weeks and Manchester Leather Weekend, I resolved to sit down daily to write down some thoughts, and focus on certain aspects of my Fetish interests. These were then pulled together and presented on Recon’s GEAR STAYS ON MASTERCLASS and PARTNERS IN KINK series.



DYNAMICS & DIFFERENCES: sub/Dom, slave/Master, boy/Dad


  1. Over the last lockdown, I have been preparing another Recon Masterclass, which will be online May 7th: PROTOCOL: The Mindset Of Mastery! (https://www.recon.com/en/Events/Calendar/Event/881), where I’ll be talking about the Protocol of service, slavery and submission – from the Old Guard to the Vanguard; not only why it’s hot and horny, but also why it is one of the most mentally and physically challenging aspects of BDSM.
  1. My slave did not squander its initial lockdown time either. It was commanded to compose various reflections on its submission and slavery for my reading pleasure. It was also ordered to film a series of solo pornographic private videos, with dildos of varying widths and lengths, and also to wear its remote buttplug, of which I held the controls. It has now been in chastity for over a year, which has been an excellent mode of detracting from any genital gratification, and focusing its hunger for anal service as its prime source of pleasure. It is worth recording that my slave also worked on meditation practices during lockdown. This has now proven invaluable in its capacity for hard focus on extended cocksucking and bootlicking times, plus acting as a pain diffuser during a flogging or caning, as it has even improved its ability to take on my beatings, and opening ever wider during a fisting.

So – all in all – it has, luckily, been a fairly fruitful and productive period, although frustrating in so many ways. It was a challenge at times to stay positive through all the bad news, but the determination and discipline that as a Master and Dominant I always demand from my subs, boys and slave, stood me in good stead, as I resolved that I would come out of those testing times a better and more knowledgeable Leather Master than I went in.

We’re almost there, getting back to MASTERY and its unique mix of Sex, Smoke & Submission. As the poet Rainer Maria Rilke said: “The only journey is the one within”. So, keep going, guys! We’ll get there soon –until then, stay safe and sound. And leathered!”


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