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Justice for Samuel Luiz : Three arrested so far

Protests have erupted across Spain, in reaction to the brutal attack and murder of Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old nurse in A Coruña, Galicia.

The María Pita square in A Coruña was filled with thousands of people on Monday evening, expressing their support for friends and families of Luiz, who was killed during Pride weekend. Other demonstations were in cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Salamanca, Bilbao, and Zaragoza. Demonstrators carried signs with slogans including “Your homophobia is killing us”.

According to police sources, who spoke to EL PAÍS. As many as 15 people have already given a statement to the authorities about the crime, which is alleged by witnesses to have been a homophobic attack against Luiz, who was gay. The police confirmed that the three people arrested are two men and a woman aged between 20 and 25, and residents of A Coruña.

Samuel was on his phone making a video call outside a nightclub when two passers-by approached him about being filmed and called him a “Faggot”

His friends told El Mundo that Luiz had stepped out of the club to make a video call when these two passersby accused him of trying to film them on his phone. Luiz explained he was talking to a friend by video, but he was allegedly attacked by one of the passersby and left with a badly bruised face.

Five minutes later, the assailant allegedly returned with 12 others who beat Luiz unconscious. He was taken to hospital, where he died later on Saturday morning.

Police have not yet determined the motive of the brutal assault against Samuel Luiz in A Coruña, but again Samuel’s friends believe it was a homophobic attack.

In an emotional letter shared to the El Mundo Newspaper, Samuels Friends say “he was the best person you could ever meet” and “everyone loved him for who he was, You are gone but we will be here every day fighting for what you deserve, justice”

Rest In Power Samuel.


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