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Join in Istanbul’s Queer Party Scene from Your Living Room

While we are counting days until we can travel and have experiences abroad, the Glory is bringing you the best performers of Istanbul’s queer scene. Your hosts of the night, Toby Kind and Martha Barbra, who are also from Istanbul’s queer party scene and currently reside in East London, define Harem of No One, as upbeat, on the edge, and bending what can be deemed as traditional with progression.

The night will be presented to you via a Zoom party, live from the basement floor of the Glory and will bring you 7 performers: Akis Ka, Anna Tholia, Cake Mosq, Caglar Almendi, Florence, Konstantina Delight, KIKA and Ozlem Unlu. Following the performances, Sevval Kilic, one of the most prominent transgender rights activists of Turkey will heat up the party with a live DJ set to dance and interact with queens from your screen.

Since 2015, LGBTQIA+ voices in Turkey are getting more and more suppressed, and the government is fueling hate on every possible occasion. This said, the queer scene continues to thrive and this is your chance to meet the artists who celebrate their identity and perform with joy despite these difficulties. Free tickets are available for the party and the hosts are asking for your kind donations, which will all be used to support queer performers in Istanbul.

The event is on 7th of May, 2021, Friday, 7.30 pm and tickets can be found at Outsavvy.com

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