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Jason Reid’s Cabaret Interview: Jason catches up with Stephanie Von Clitz

My interviewee this month is an artist who learned her craft from some of the absolute best in the cabaret business. Which is why when you go to a Stephanie Von Clitz show, regardless of likes and dislikes, you’re guaranteed to be entertained. Stephanie is the genuine article…

What do you love and loathe about performing on the LGBTQ+ cabaret scene?

I absolutely love performing to a crowd that appreciates the art of drag and is with you all the way. Obviously it’s not easy all the time but that’s what makes it worth it. What I loathe about performing on the LGBTQ+ scene, is the unpleasant drama and politics, which is why I always try my best to avoid it.

How did the name Stephanie Von Clitz come to be?

The name Stephanie Von Clitz is a combination of my real name and Dita Von tease. Originally it was going to be Glitz but in the end I went with Clitz because I thought it would be more memorable. However, recently, for the first time in my 13 year drag career,
I experienced cancel culture because someone said my name was child-like and I should go back to the drawing board. The cheek! Fave song to perform right now? People will moan when they see this as I do sing it a lot but I just love singing Titanium because of the message I use behind it. Always be yourself, never let anyone judge you, and if they do — FUCK em!

Which of your drag peers has influenced you most and why?

Bette Rinse — she was the first person who genuinely encouraged, supported and massively helped me to become the performer I am today. There are so many other artists I also respect. I’ve learned to enjoy the job, be professional, and be a business person in my own right.  I’ve always encouraged others to do the best job possible, love what they do, stay away from drama and get the money and go.

You’re hosting a dream drag dinner party and can invite 5 drag artists. Who are you inviting?

Bette Rinse, Rose Garden, Son Of a Tutu, Dave Lynn, Myra DuBois.

Your advice for drag artists who are just starting out?

Enjoy the ride. Don’t rush anything. Hone in on your art. Stay away from drama. Do what YOU want to do. Heed constructive advice only. Just because others are doing certain venues doesn’t mean to say you’re doing anything less. You are valued and respected and YOU got this! Always remember, you can’t please everyone and you can’t work in every venue. Some venues will only book their mates but you’ll get to know this in time. Just keep going!

Away from the stage, what makes you happy?

Spending time in a secluded dark room… that’s not code for sauna by the way. Seriously though; because I spend so much time performing and amongst people, when I’m off I do really enjoy and cherish time to myself away from everything. Also, spending time with friends, seeing family in Dorset, and, when I can, binge watching Netflix or the soaps.

Stephanie Von Clitz performs at Admiral Duncan, 54 Old Compton Street, W1D 4UD on Sunday 14th April at 6pm 

You can also catch Jason, right here with another cabaret interview next month. Give him a follow @jasonreiduk

Jason Reid


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