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Jason Reid chats to Aussie icon Dolly Diamond

You can never have enough cabaret, or cocktails for that matter. Aussie drag icon Dolly Diamond is serving up both in abundance at her gorge new residency, every Sunday at KU Bar.
Jason Reid caught up with the sparkling one to find out more…
JR: Hello Dolly! Tell us about your new residency at Ku Bar and what sets it apart from the rest?
DD: We’ve been having a fabulous time so far and long may it continue. We’re up in the cocktail bar, which is where I belong. It’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere and I love that. There’s no stage, so I get to wander around and get quite intimate with the audience. I’m loving that people are singing along and letting loose.
JR: Is there a door fee and what’s the duration of the show?
DD: It starts at 7pm, so it’s not a really late start if you’ve got work on a Monday. We normally go for a few hours with a break in the middle and it’s £10 but that goes towards your first drink.
JR: What’s been the highlight of the run so far?
DD: I love how mixed the audiences have been. When you’re a woman of a certain age a lot of your references can go right over the heads of a nubile crowd, and that keeps me on my toes. I’m inviting some guest singers along as well, just to add a little variety. I’m also working with an incredible pianist, John Thorn, who I know from Melbourne. John can literally play anything and he’s absolutely brilliant live.If the ambience of the evening was a cocktail what would it be and why? A martini… I’d love to say porn star martini but that might be stretching more than just the truth. A vodka martini is probably about right.It packs a punch and it’s got a whole lot of class in a glass.
JR: The run lasts till Christmas, is there any plans to extend, would you like to?
DD: I’m always willing to stick with anything if we’re all enjoying it. I’m so looking forward to the festive season and it gives me a chance to build in some very naughty Christmas carols. I have a fabulous version of the 12 Days of Christmas..
JR:What do you want for Christmas this year? 
DD: I’ll be spending Christmas with The Gardens this year, down in Brighton. Rose is obsessed with Christmas and putting up between 10-20 Christmas trees. Thankfully Sonia is on hand to monitor the obsession and I know they do a fabulous roast on the day. I’m used to an Australian Christmas these days, where I would probably go swimming at St Kilda beach or at a friends pool but I doubt we’ll be swimming at Saltdean. I wouldn’t mind finding 6-9 inches out my back door on Christmas Day…
JR:What are you manifesting for 2022?
We’ve all been through so much over the last two years, so I’d love for life to be as normal as possible for a change. If I can continue to entertain and be around people I love and respect, I’ll be happy. My goal is to try and get into Panto next year, I think I’d make a great Dame, Oh yes I would!
Dolly Diamond’s Cabaret and Cocktails is every Sunday at Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA

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