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JAMIE HP: Gone Crusin’

Party organiser Jamie HP will need no introduction for many of the capital’s horniest men, but if you’re not among those in the know, here are some of the smokin’ hot events happening, some weekly some every month.


If you’re somebody who loves getting their kit off, SBN (Stark Bollock Naked) is the one for you. Happening every Sunday in Union from 2pm-10pm, up to five hundred fellas strip down to their birthday suits and explore the huge play area. There are even porn stars up on stage at 5pm to show you how it’s done. 


Another nudey night now (TFN stands for Total Fekkin’ Nude). However, this one happens at the Covent Garden Health Spa every Saturday night from 9pm to 1.30am. The saunas and steam rooms are turned off to become darkened corners that punters can cruise, but the spa pool and showers remain open for a little relaxation.

Pool Party

Also taking place at the Covent Garden Health Spa, the Pool Party happens on the first Friday of the month. You need to be aged between 18 and 45 to attend and sign up at jamiehp.co.uk beforehand. It’s well worth doing because there’s always an up-for-it crowd clad in swimwear, or even less.

Horse Fair

For those of you out there with slightly less vanilla tastes, Horse Fair takes place on the first Saturday of the month at the Underground Club in King’s Cross. It’s a super-hot role-playing party at which completely submissive mares – gagged and bound, no less – are put up for auction from which the stallions get their pick.

Keep up to date with all the parties this festive season over at  jamiehp.co.uk

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