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Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Jacqui Devon joins the Gay London Life team

We are super thrilled and excited to have Jacqui joining our family today. She will bring her own experience and views to our editorial team and we couldn’t more proud to have her on board.

Over to Jacqui…

As I think about how to introduce myself to Gay London Life as the trans contributor, I find my internal monologue drifting to the question – How do I do myself justice and grab the attention of all the new fabulous readers?


Well, the best way I can think of is, let’s keep it simple, an introduction – I’m Jacqui Devon, a 28-year-old trans woman who’s been embracing the London gay scene since an age I definitely shouldn’t have been! So what do I want to bring to this exciting new publication – Joy!


As trans people, we are often forced to focus on the negatives we face as a community and are inundated with sad news but we also have beautiful things happening within our community and these are the things I want to focus on. From the fabulous transgender people, we need to uplift and promote in our scene, enjoying inclusivity as a trans person living in London, services that are on offer to us, and to add an uplifting perspective to the echo chamber.


In no way do I want to write just for the trans+ community, I also want for all of the allies out there to gather perspective on life as a transgender/transexual person living in London. It’s not all roses and sunshine for the transgender but bringing a level of joy and awareness is something that we definitely need to highlight and pride month is the perfect time to start!


One voice is never enough and I would love to have suggestions and feedback from the community on things you would like me to cover, so If you want to get involved in embracing and empowering the scene, I implore you to reach out and get in touch at jacqui@gaylondonlife.co.uk


Jacqui Devon


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