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Introducing the Rainbow Lottery, supporting LGBTQ+ good causes!

With the regular involvement of Dale Winton and the frequent call to ‘release the balls’, there’s always been something quite gay about the National Lottery. However, for one couple, they saw the potential to make it even queerer still.
Tom Gattos


Wandsworth locals Tom Gattos and David Murray started the Rainbow Lottery in 2021 with the goal of raising money for good causes linked to the LGBTQ+ community.  Punters buy tickets for £1, pick the organisations they wish to support and wait for the results to be released on Saturday night. Over half of the ticket price goes to fundraising (which isn’t bad when you consider the National Lottery only manages 25%). A fifth of the sum goes into the prize fund, which ranges from £25 up to £25,000 depending on how many numbers you match. 

You can also now watch the draw live, on the Rainbow Lottery or Canal Street Facebook pages.

So far, a number of different charities and groups have got involved, from local Pride groups and sports clubs to sexual health organisations and services geared towards the young and the elderly. At a time when many charities have reported a shortfall in fundraising due to the impact of Covid-19, it’s proving to be an important stream of revenue for many. If you want to help raise vital funds for queer causes, have a say in where it’s going and also be in with a chance to win yourself a tidy sum, why not buy yourself a few tickets today?


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