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INTRODUCING, from the Regulation family, new brand REX!

London’s kinksters might already be familiar with REGULATION, but the three-decade-old sex shop has just launched REX — director Pete Cooke reveals all…

Hey Pete, REGULATION has just launched REX. Tell us a little more about this venture.

At REGULATION, we’ve wanted to offer an even wider range of clubwear and expand to underwear, as well as offer a wider range of lifestyle clothing. With our main brand catering to a more kink-centric crowd, we wanted to launch an outlet with a more relaxed vibe. REX is currently online-only but since it’s not selling any of the adult products we provide at REGULATION, we’re able to offer an even more efficient online experience.

What sort of brands can readers find at REX?

We currently stock circuit party favourites Breedwell and Locker Gear, but we also stock underwear and casuals from brands such as Modus Vivendi, TOF Paris & BOXER Barcelona. We’re adding new brands every few months as we build our catalogue.

Any highlights in the current range?

Breedwell is a clear clubwear highlight right now. Their “Hybrid Chocks” (shorts+jock) are a surprise hit and personally, I’m super into their Holo Caps since I like something shiny on a dance floor. Ultimately their entire range is bold and daring if you’re ready for it. We also have a tasty range of cute candy- coloured underwear by LEADER dropping in a few weeks, which we’re excited about. Modus Vivendi are also about to drop some quite minimal underwear pieces that are quite understated and sleek.

Are there any exciting future plans with REX?

With REX we’re looking to grow organically and adjust our ranges as we respond to our customers. There are quite a few brands we can’t wait to get on board with over the next few years. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work hard to bring a great online retail experience to as many gay and queer folks as possible.


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