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Introducing Fetish Daddy: We get the lowdown on the brand new label on the scene

We get the lowdown on the brand new label creating some of the hottest leather and rubber looks on the scene. FETISH DADDY!

Not even too long ago, it was common to read articles and hear complaints that the leather scene was on its knees – and not in a good way. Apparently, the younger generations were shunning it and the subculture was soon to become completely obsolete.

Photo Credit – Fetish Daddy

The rise and rise of Fetish Daddy show that these warnings of a leathery demise were a little premature. Started a little over three years ago, the label sells a large range of harnesses, jockstraps and clothing made out of leather or rubber – with vegan options available. As well as that, the team behind the brand can also create custom designs to help people’s grand fantasies come to life. We caught up with the main man behind the venture, Ollie Spragley, to hear about how the company is breathing new life into kinkwear.

Photo Credit – Fetish Daddy

How did Fetish Daddy come about?

A few years ago, I had a rather nasty motorbike crash, badly broke my leg (narrowly missing an artery) and dislocated my shoulder. My recovery would take a while and I was offered a small settlement to leave my job. I didn’t know what I was going to do. A friend of mine showed me a belt he had made from some bits he had bought at a local leather shop and I was intrigued so I decided to get some offcuts and teach myself leatherworking while I recovered. We had just purchased a puppy and on the first day, I made both our dogs new leather harnesses. People in the park loved them and wanted to buy them – as you can imagine, it wasn’t long before guys were saying, “if you can make one for a dog, can you make me one?” That was the beginning of Fetish Daddy.


What gear do you enjoy making the most?

Anything that’s a challenge. One of the things I enjoy the most about taking on custom projects is the variety of commission work we get in and nothing gives me more of an emotional buzz than when things come together and a client’s idea comes to full fruition. Aside from the bespoke pieces, I loved designing a harness for any of our trans customers who wish to hide their scars after top surgery – we ended up coming up with two that work well for this, the Logan and the Rocco, and are working on other options. We’ve also created some incredible custom latex pieces for performers, including Drag Race queens, while we also made a corset for the singer Self Esteem’s Glastonbury set, which was picked up by British Vogue and a few other news outlets.


How are you looking to build and develop your work?

When we started the company, we designed a small range of leather harnesses based on simple, beautiful craftspersonship and fantastic quality. While our designs have progressed as we have learnt new skills, the ethos remains the same. We want to develop as a company known for excellent customer service and inclusivity. I never dreamed we would come this far in three years, especially given a large portion of it has been in a pandemic. I can link this to the passion and drive shared between myself, Liam and the fantastic team members I work with – many of whom were our friends to start with and had little experience, just a creative spark and a passion for learning something new. The team has recently grown to ten incredibly talented individuals, which is a huge achievement. It also helps hugely that our customers are so passionate about the gear we make for them.

Photo Credit – Fetish Daddy

Got any future plans?

We do have plans to move to bigger premises, which is a daunting task but if we managed to make it through the pandemic meeting customers on zoom, we can deal with corporate estate agents! We will also look to travel more to events, because, despite having a London base, we see ourselves very much as a global business. One area we know we won’t change is our principle about our work being available to everyone. Whatever you’re into, whatever shape, wherever you are on the gender spectrum, whatever skin tone you have – we want to make you feel hot and have a lot of fun doing it. We will continue to use a diverse range of models, hoping that we make everyone feel comfortable to come to us with their fetishwear ideas and make them feel as sexy as they look. I also hope we are starting to embarrass some other companies into being more inclusive!



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