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IDAHOBIT 2022: Our Bodies, Our Rights, Our Lives

This year’s IDAHOBIT 2022 theme is ‘Our bodies, Our rights, Our choice.‘ As LGBTQI+ people this day highlights our basic human rights to live our sexualities and express our gender(s). We deserve to be free from physical violence and oppression, from so-called ‘therapies’ to forced sterilisation of Trans and Intersex people.

We chatted to the MindOut team below on why IDAHOBIT is important to them.

‘IDAHOBIT 2022 is important because people still try to control, pathologise and belittle my body, my life and my rights, and those of queer, trans and intersex people across the world. It is so important that we stand up to oppression, especially for our siblings who are not able to be as free as us. I refuse to be ashamed of who I am, and I celebrate all LGBTQIA+ people for their diverse gloriousness!’

–  Kip Webb-Heller (he/they/fae) MindOut Project Worker

‘Being part of the LGBTQ community can still be divisive in 2022. IDAHOBIT reminds us to stand together against intolerance of all kinds, including racism, ableism and other forms of discrimination.’

– Cerys Evans (she/her) MindOut Administrator

‘Time and time again our communities are attacked for simply existing and so this day allows us to come together in our resilience, solidarity and joy’.

– Malaika Fallah (she/they) MindOut Fundraising Assistant


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