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Homo euphoria has arrived in London

There’s a brand new LGBTQI night coming to town, with a big name…  and it’s not what you might expect!

Our scene has been constantly changing, especially in the last year, with trends like techno and circuit making their mark, but there’s an extremely popular genre that we haven’t had on the scene much, but maybe that’s about to change!

We chat with event creators, Craig Lee and Sergio Sardo (Organiser of Trough London) about what Unicorn is and why we need it right now.

GLL: Hey guys! We are very excited about your new night!

GLL: When was the idea for Unicorn conceived and what will the music be like?

Craig: We first had the idea for Unicorn before Covid. The production started, then had to be put on standby because of the pandemic. It’s the party that I always wanted to go to in London, but couldn’t, because it didn’t exist. I love to go out for long nights, getting sweaty, surrounded by sexy guys. The music in those spaces was always dominated by techno house and circuit. Lovers of trance and euphoria, who want to experience those vibes in a gay environment, now have somewhere to go!

GLL: This sounds exciting, tell us more! What can we expect from Unicorn and why is it different from other nights?

Sergio: We’re using Unicorn as a beacon for fantasy, colour, sexuality and euphoria. With travel restrictions looming, we’re bringing Mykonos to you. People need sunshine… beaches. This is the kind of party that will make you feel like you’re there. For the launch, we chose the Fire Complex and we’ll be taking over two huge arches plus the large and newly refurbished outdoor area.

GLL: Who do you think will go to Unicorn?

C: We hope to pull in a diverse crowd, as that always makes for the best and most interesting nights! There will be folks who love trance and euphoria, like myself, who have been craving a night like this for years. Then you’ll have people who are on board for the fun, sexy vibes. We hope to educate London’s gay scene in this type of music, we know they’re gonna love it!

GLL: Where did the name come from?

S: We wanted it to be obvious that it’s a gay party and of course, Unicorn has its connotations. Our job is to make it sexy, bring the right people, and make one hell of a party! It’s the perfect symbol for homo-euphoria and It’s all about the fantasy!

GLL: Do you have a dress code? 

C: This is a safe space for guys to wear whatever the hell they want. Personally, I love the idea of party harnesses, colourful sports shorts, and anything our party-goers feel comfortable in! We want people to have a fun time and remember Unicorn as the fantasy they got to live out!

GLL: Sergio, we must congratulate you on the success of Trough. What inspired you to start working on a new party? 

S: I always loved to promote parties and embark upon new adventures. After speaking with Craig about his love of trance music, and projecting that world onto the gay scene in London at the time, we realised there was a huge gap that needed to be filled. There are parties like this abroad, and the ones in London are predominantly straight with gay visitors. We want guys to be able to let themselves go to this awesome music.

GLL: Finally, what are your plans for the future? 

C: Unicorn means a lot to both of us and we can’t wait to see our gem finally come to life. As with everything, one step at a time. We conceptualised this almost a year and a half ago and it’s been a lot of hard work and delays. We know it will be a popular party, but we want this to be the staple for gay trance and euphoria in London. In the future, who knows what that could evolve into and we are here for it! Bring it on!

UNICORN LONDON’s launch party is on Friday 30th July at Fire Complex, 39 Parry St, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT, LONDON –  11pm – 6am. Book advance tickets now via unicornlondon.com

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