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Got a Sweet Tooth?: SUGAR DADDY is coming to town!

Something exciting’s coming to Vauxhall this Saturday.

One of the names behind Sugar Daddy, Clayton Wright, dishes the details on the super-hot new club night…


GLL: What’s the thinking behind Sugar Daddy?

We’re creating a new adult candy shop for gay clubbers. An exciting and positive dancefloor experience with incredible music, plenty of eye candy, plus a playroom space. At Sugar Daddy, you’re free to express yourself, have sex, make friends, explore your kinks and fetishes, and, dance all night long to a soundtrack of unpretentious, joyful tunes. We hope to hit that sweet spot between a fetish and dance party, because there’s always room for dessert and we hope people will eat it up. Sounds delicious, right?

GLL: Describe the vibe in three words

Hungry and horny – obviously!

GLL: What can we expect to hear on the night?

We have three spaces with amazing, fun and credible music throughout. The Daddy Room is where you can expect to dance to all things house: proper underground bangers from New York, Chicago and Detroit, plus Panorama Bar favourites and queer London classics. At our first party on the 3rd December, we welcome International DJ and producer, the beary and hairy Ketiov (Catz ‘N Dogz, Carbs), who’s joined by the super-talented J.Aria (Gauche, Adonis) and Tareq (Boys’ Shorts).

As well as that, there’s The Sugar Hole, a honey trap for all things sweet, ranging from electro-pop, dark pop, synth disco, 80s extended mixes, Italo, and gay disco classics. Bringing the fun are Mike Menace (Pink Glove, Feel It), Oli Keens (Little Gay Brother), and Fannar (Meat). 

Last but not least, we’re actually creating a soundscape for you to fuck to in the Playroom! We want to transport you into a porn fantasy with a Patrick Cowley-inspired psychedelic sound journey through 1970s/80s San Francisco. 

GLL: Tell us more about the playroom…

Our playroom is created by Jamie HP, so they know their stuff. We have multiple slings and swings, a voyeur platform, plus a darker darkroom at the back. Consent and playroom etiquette are very important to us, so you can check out our guide on our social media (IG: club_sugar_daddy) and meet the team of Care Bears, our welfare team, who are there to make sure people are having fun.

GLL What should we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. We love all things fetish and encourage guests to explore this, but it’s not mandatory. We want Sugar Daddy to be a place where you can indulge your kinks. Daddies, leather fanatics, rubber guys, jocks, pups, bears, and cubs are all welcome on our dancefloor.

GLL: Who’s your ultimate daddy crush?

We love a Daddy and a Dad-bod, and personally, I have a huge thing for porn actors Allen Silver and Scott Reynolds, but, we wouldn’t turn away Hollywood dads like Denzel or Mark Ruffalo. In fact, this is a personal invitation for them to climb into a sling and lube up. Daddy would love to bump into Sandro from Bake-off in the playroom, too!

Sugar Daddy, Saturday 3rd December, 11pm-6am, Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 2TY, Nearest Station: Vauxhall GET TICKETS HERE!


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