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GLL EXCLUSIVE: Conleth Kane is back with his NEW SINGLE – City Of The Lost Boys

One of our absolute faves, Conleth Kane is BACK with his BRAND NEW single “City of the Lost Boys”

“A love letter to our beloved London, with an Erasure-style synth sprinkling of Soho stardust, storytelling at its best, with lyrics we’ll all find relatable. A story of anticipation, discovery and hope, download it now!”

5 Stars ***** GAY LONDON LIFE

We caught up with Conleth to find out all about it.

Congratulations on your new single, Conleth! Tell us a bit about ‘City of the Lost Boys’?

It’s a real homage to London. The real narrative behind the song is one I think that the majority of queer people can relate to, which is heading for a major city to achieve social acceptance away from their small home towns. From a very early age I wanted to live in London as it always seemed to be a place so full of opportunity for me as a creative and as a gay person. Ironically I wrote a song about London whilst in a recording studio in Dublin! Cool fact – It was in the studio where the

Spice Girls recorded their debut album ‘Spice’! Really? That’s cool! We know you love the Spice Girls!

Yes, I don’t hide the fact that I am a huge fan. I was a guest on Panti Bliss’s podcast and I arrived very early for the session. As I was sat waiting in the green room with my guitarist Declan, I spotted pictures of the Spice Girls around the place and quickly discovered that this was the studio where they did so much of their early recording work! I felt a wave of excitement and creativity and out popped ‘City of the Lost Boys’. I wrote the song in less than 15mins, then I got up and went in to do the recording with Panti!

That’s cool! You have teamed up again with 7th Heaven on this song – you seem to have established a solid working relationship with them! PS. We loved their official remix of Cher’s ‘DJ Play a Christmas Song!’

Yes, I work very well with on a creative level with Jon Dixon at 7the Heaven. He has really elevated my music and gets the best out of me in the studio. Obviously 7th Heaven are best known for their massive camp remixes for Artists like Steps, Melanie C and as you mentioned – Cher, but I think working with independent Artists like myself affords Jon a bit more room to flex his creative and producing-muscles and therefore he can get that little bit more experimental with sounds etc. We both felt that this track deserved an 80’s Erasure-esque feel and he has delivered just that!

You are launching the single at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on the 24th of February? Excited?

I’m excited am anxious! I am combining my 40th birthday with a record launch supported by a stellar lineup of Artists, West End Stars, Drag and Dancers. I’m so lucky to have so many fabulous friends who came together to celebrate my music and this new chapter in my life.

What’s next for you as an Artist?

I’m really content with the music that I have been releasing with 7th Heaven on board as
producers. I am an Independent Artist so I think goals are great but I don’t put pressure or have expectations of myself. I am very close to having a full live show that I can finally start looking at taking around the country. I’m back in the studio in the next few months to do a cover of a BIG track with one of my favourite Drag Queens on it and we hope to get it released in time for Pride season. I have some exciting live shows coming up over the summer.

‘CITY OF THE LOST BOYS’ is out now on all major streaming platforms.
Photography: Ross McBride at Silverthorne Photography
Styling: Lewis Robert Cameron


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