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Get The Party Started With Some Potent Poppers!

With spring on the way, we are all getting a bit frisky and ready to get out there and have some great fun. With the weather, hopefully, getting better we are all excited to be out and about again. Drinks outside, flesh on show and flirting with as many men as possible. I am getting giddy just thinking about it! With all the fun ahead it is a good plan to stock up on your essentials and for many that include some poppers, for those of you that do not know what they are please follow this link, what are poppers?

Like it hardcore?
For those of you that like your poppers hardcore it seems that the old favourites like Berlin XXX, Fist, Jungle Juice, Power Rush and Red Bullet are still the most popular brands. In the last few months, we have had some great new brands from all over the UK and Europe
that are getting great reviews. In particular, Juic’d, Twisted Beast, BB and Jungle Juice Platinum Plus seem to catch the imagination of most. Finding out which poppers UK are the best for you is not always an easy journey. Some customers do not like brands that
have the biggest and most loyal following. On the flip side, we have some brands that are not best sellers but have certain customers that swear by them. It really is down to how someone reacts to certain brands. This does mean you have to try a few before you find
your match but once you have found it you will be friends forever.

Tips and more!
When you have found your perfect poppers, you want to make sure you look after them and keep them lasting as long as possible. With that in mind we always suggest that you store them in a dark and cold place. We recommend the fridge but have many customers that put them in the freezer. In our store, you will see various room aromas that have a power pellet in the bottle. This is included with the aim to keep the formula active. The thought behind this is that when you shake the bottle it re-activates the ingredients. We are no scientists and can therefore not confirm this interaction and its effectiveness but we do have many repeat purchases for power pellet poppers which is a positive sign. In terms of keeping the formulation as potent as possible, the one thing to do is avoid sunlight and warm rooms. Direct heat increases the chances of vaporisation which you need to avoid.

European Imports

What others said
As we are an actual store selling these products you might think that we are only trying to push certain products. To alleviate that concern here are some reviews from the store from customers that are completely objective.

1. Review of a 5 pack of Berlin XXX
“Maybe too strong for beginners?… these are amazing nonetheless! I followed along with
one of those "training" videos on a well-known website. Wow! Best climax ever – lol. Took me right back to the 90s. Berlin XXX all the way!!! Had to tell someone about it, so my buddy is coming over on Friday to verify my story ;)”

2. Power Rush 3 pack
“Hell yeah, these got me going good!”

3. Original 5-pack
“I would not have bought these as they look a bit boring but bought them on a
recommendation of a friend of mine! Let's just say I love this friend as there are bloody brilliant!”

4. Twisted beast Skull bottle
“Excellent product very strong and cool bottle. Also, I’d like to say that the customer
service on this site/company is excellent, little mix-up in delivery sorted quickly and
efficiently many thanks top company”

There are many more reviews on the site itself so hop over and have a look. Hopefully, this will help in finding the perfect bottle for your spring escapades.

Need more than just poppers?
To have the best spring it is not just about the best aromas. The main ingredients are friends, a fun time and if we are lucky good weather. Other ingredients for a good adult fun time can be found in our sister stores where you can find some great gay sex toys or gay underwear to add to your pleasure and ensure you look great in a sexy pair of underwear. It is always good to make a great first impression when that zipper goes down.

Have an amazing Spring!

The team at PopperSuperShop

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