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Friday 21st July: Zero HIV Stigma Day – Brighton Rally

Today, Friday, July 21st is Zero HIV Stigma Day, a call-out for everyone to come along to the first-ever Zero Stigma Rally at Jubilee Square, outside Brighton’s Jubilee Library.

HIV stigma still affects many people who are living with HIV, with almost 75% of people in the UK reporting experiences of discrimination. Surveys show that people living with HIV still experience negative perceptions and reactions because of their HIV status in social, healthcare, workplace, and community settings; and HIV stigma can prevent people from coming forward for testing and starting treatment.

It needs to be a whole community response to combat this! Understanding HIV and stigma is everyone’s responsibility, We need as many people as possible involved to help achieve the goals of zero HIV stigma, and no new cases of HIV.

Zero Stigma Day Of Action

Drop into Jubilee Square throughout the day to have a friendly chat with people living with HIV about their experiences. You can also talk to the NHS and other support organisations such as the Martin Fisher Foundation, Terrence Higgins Trust. Lunch Positive and Sussex Beacon about HIV and how zero stigma would improve testing, diagnosis, treatment, and crucially, quality of life for people living with HIV. Information about HIV support, prevention, and treatment will also be available for you to take away.

  • Jump on board the Martin Fisher Foundation bus to find out more about what you can do to prevent HIV stigma. They’ll be activities and information suitable for children available too.
  • View an exhibition of powerful portraits of people who are living with HIV inside the library.
  • Get a free HIV test with the Terrence Higgins Trust at the Ledward Centre.
  • Join the Queer Allies lunch at the Ledward Centre, or grab a free refreshment from Lunch Positive in the Square.
  • You can also grab a free HIV or STI test from our digital vending machine any time the library is open.

The Zero Stigma rally starts at 5.15pm with diverse speakers sharing experiences of living with HIV, words from local MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, poetry, music from Rainbow Chorus, and much more.

Please come along today, Friday, July 21 to join in solidarity with people living with HIV and to combat HIV stigma.

The Rally is at Jubilee Square, Brighton, outside the main library starting at 5.15pm.

More info is available here.

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