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Forget the World, Its our Chezza VS Your valentines dilemmas

Hello my gorgeous divas! I’m on a break after taking on Queens of the World to check up on all my dolls, spread my romantic wisdom and give advice to my favourite people. Now Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the loved up ones, it’s for EVERYONE. So don’t feel singled out just cos you’re single. Remember, to quote myself, YOU’RE A STAR! So let’s see what’s troubling you all in the gorgeous month of February. 


Hey Cheryl, 

I need your help, I’ve been out of the dating game for a while and I want to ask a guy from work out on a date. What’s your perfect winter date?  

Barry, Shoreditch

Hey, Barry. Now winter can be a time when people don’t want to venture outdoors but for a date, I think it’s the perfect thing to do. Find yourself a nice place for a hot choccy, wrap up warm and explore the city. But let them know under all those layers you have some sexy underwear on! 


Dear Cheryl, 

As it’s Valentine’s soon and you should make an effort to tell people you love them, I’ve been kinda getting close to my neighbour. I don’t even know if he’s gay, but he flirts with me all the time. We have very similar interests and often have forty-minute chats. I’m sure he’s single, like me, but you know that whole ‘don’t shit on your own doorstep’ thing. I’m totally smitten, should I tell him? 

Simon, Kent

Hello, my diva! First things first, put your property on the market! I’m just joking, I think your best bet is to put feelers out – A causal conversation, maybe drop in an “I had a dream last night that I went on a terrible date” and then lead onto “have you had any terrible dates?” Then hopefully you’ll get a feeler of where they’re at. A cheeky wink never goes a miss – it happened to me in Balans!


Yo Chezza, 

I’m so over buying a chocolate teddy bear from Thorntons with a tacky message on it for my boyfriend. Yes, he’s a bear. Yes, he’s totally worth it, but what prezzie can I go to him with this year?

Martin, Clapham 

Martin, darling! Why are you still getting Thorntons bears? Have you got shares in the company? I’d say this year get yourself down to one of those sexy shops and get something that will be a surprise when they open the bag. If they talk a lot, a ball gag wouldn’t go amiss!


Hey lovely,  

So it’s Valentine’s and I’m single. I’m not an anti-Valentiner, but I think it sometimes just highlights us single ones. What things do you recommend for us to get past this celebration without feeling down about it? 

Lydia, Peckham 

Oh Lydia, I feel you, diva! I was VERY single up until I was 25 so I know the feeling. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with your single dolls and just make the day about celebrating you guys! Have a nice meal, get some drinks in you and treat yourselves. If in doubt, be selfish! 


Hi Cheryl, 

Well, I couldn’t resist asking you about your Valentine’s Day as this will be your first as officially married! Can you tell us about any exciting plans? 

Luke, Limehouse

Hello Luke, fabulous name my darling! So, unsurprisingly given the workhorse that I am, I have a gig on Valentine’s Day so nothing romantic on my end other than death dropping myself into the floor in Cardiff. I may throw Haydn a little surprise back at the hotel once I’m done and showered! 


Hi Cheryl, 

As February is the month of love, give us your favourite love songs for a sexy time and a romantic time… GO!

Pete, Stanstead. 

OMG Pete, you’ve come to the right place for a playlist. Now if you’re looking sexy you definitely need Skin by Rihanna – It’s five minutes of pure filth. And Bloom by Troye Sivan! But for your lovey-dovey moments, I always go to Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me, purely because I’m a big fat gay! 

Don’t forget to catch our Chezz here again next month, answering all your dilemmas.

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