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Flesh Festival: The UK’s First LGBTQ+ Electronic Music & Camping Festival is HERE!

Flesh Festival Announce The UK’s First LGBTQ+ Electronic Music & Camping Festival With a Majority Female, Trans, Non-binary, Queer artists and a Lineup Representing a Spectrum of Ethnicities. 

May 28th & 29th 2022, Springfield Farm – St Albans, north London. 

Flesh Festival is the UK’s first queer electronic music & camping festival that is also pioneering festival lineup diversity. The party will be one huge celebration of forward-thinking LGBTQ+ energy! 

The two-day event on the 28th and 29th of May 2022 will feature three stages showcasing headline DJs including Ellen Allien, VTSS, LSDXOXO, Rebekah, object blue, Jaguar, Syreeta, Hyperaktivist and Juliana Huxtable alongside queer London artists such as Wax Wings, allyXPRESS, Hannah Holland, Nadine Noor, Samantha Togni, Angel D’Lite, S/HE, Ifeoluwa, Samantha Togni, Aisha Mirza, J.Aria and queer collectives such as he.she.they, Boudica, Pxssy Palace, Big Dyke Energy, Inferno, misery and intervention. 


Flesh is an event for LGBTQ+ individuals, their friends and allies. The festival is open to everyone wanting to have a good time. Springfield Farm is located in a beautiful woodland a stone’s throw from London, near St Albans in Hertfordshire, north London.

There will also be an activity tent hosted by Riposte, a queer club night with an artistic and community-based take on clubbing. This will be a place where people can socialise, partake in workshops and panels, share their experiences and relax without any pressure.    

They will also be over 15 food stalls and pop-up shops selling vintage clothes, accessories and magazines. There will be an inclusive play area in a reserved space of Flesh Festival, surrounded by trees and nature. The Flesh team will also be curating this space alongside HOWL. HOWL are a queer sex positive lifestyle brand who have developed a range of CBD Lube products and host raves and  for all genders and sexualities.

The organisers want everyone to have a magical experience in the play tent, whether it’s their first time exploring this world or not. We will have trained members of our team and Howl armband wearers who are there to offer support and make the space as safe as it can be for our guests. 

With another first, 100% of the lineup will be made up of underrepresented artists and 90% of the lineup will be women, trans+ and non-binary artists including a spectrum of ethnicities. Musicians’ Union is confirmed as sponsor of the festival. 

Flesh will address long-term issues in festival programming, which is dominated by male artists, breaking the cycle and allowing emerging and underrepresented talent to break through on a worldwide platform. Being featured on a major festival line-up will create visibility and generate bookings for the artists involved and set an example for other promoters to follow. 

Many people talk about equality in electronic music but Flesh is taking real-life action to make it happen.  

Flesh comments :-

“After years of neglect, there is a need to support marginalised groups to enter the electronic music industry. To help foster a new support network, London Sound Academy will be offering two scholarships and ongoing mentorship for upcoming QTIPOC artists. The scholarship program will begin with a talent search and culminate with live performances at the festival itself”. 

“We don’t believe in tokenism but we believe in giving equal platforms to everyone and for our audience to feel represented when they come to our events. What this means is that we dig deeper, we invest more time in researching and putting together our line-ups. Where there is a gap in representation, we aim to fill it with education and support for new artists”.


Aisha Mirza (misery)
Angel D’lite (Big Dyke Energy)
Chippy Nonstop
Ellen Allien
Elliott (Big Dyke Energy)
Hannah Holland
Ifeoluwa (Intervention)
J Aria
Jossy Mitsu
Juliana Huxtable

Lady Shaka
Lady Starlight LIVE

Lady Tazz
Lewis G Burton (Inferno)

Nadine Noor (Pxssy Palace)
object blue
S/HE (Tomboys Don’t Cry)
Samantha Togni (Boudica)
Shay Malt (Adonis)
Wax Wings (he.she.they)

+ Activity tent by Riposte

Logo and graphics by Estera @ Colorblock




Flesh Festival Instagram  @fleshqueerfestival

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