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Find the new normal with Matthew Bennett, English Leather Master Coaching

Hoping to stick to your New Year’s resolutions this year? Matthew Bennett tells GLL about his coaching and hypnosis offering that’s tailored towards the LGBTQ+ and kink communities

Do you remember Christmas 2019? The time before we’d all heard of Covid and most of our plans went on hold? Did you promise yourself that 2020 – and then 2021 would be better? What promises did you make to yourself and how many of them have you kept over the last two years?

Everyone has coped with the last two years in different ways. For every person who stuck to yoga at home, there were ten others (like me) who bought a mat and used it a total of three times. For every person who loved lockdown because they got away from the mind-numbing exhaustion of work, there were others who missed bouncing ideas around in a noisy office. 

We’re not quite out of the woods, but we can start to see the edge of the forest. That means it’s time to start planning. A lot of us are still trying to lose the extra layers that all that banana bread and ‘Freedom Day’ beers put on our belly. Although getting fitter, stronger, and looking hotter with our tops off on the dancefloor is great, there’s so much more to life than work, working out at the gym and playing hard at the club. 

Imagine for a moment. It’s this time next year and you’re looking back over a year of change. You have more success and happiness. You’re more integrated and in control of your own life. How good would that feel?

You may want a better job, improved relationships, to start a business, to become a better manager, gain confidence, stop procrastinating, or to find another goal. Coaching can help. Coaching isn’t like consulting or even personal training. A coach doesn’t come into your life, look down their nose and tell you what to do. Coaching is about helping you identify and make the changes that you need in your life in a way that works for you. 

Many people who are LGBT+ or kinky find that they’re only comfortable with coaches delving so far into their lives. They fear judgement or misunderstanding. That’s why I set up English Leather Master coaching – to remove these fears and create a safe space for people like you.

I’m Matthew, AKA English Leather Master. I’m an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach and BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis) registered hypnotherapist. My background is in secondary education and assessment, with experience working in schools and businesses across the world. I’m also an online content creator (you may have seen some of my videos) and kink educator. I’ve given talks in more than thirteen countries in everything from A-level Physics to setting boundaries in BDSM relationships.

I work with people like you – people who are smart and sexy. People who want to have more success, more happiness, better relationships, better work, and more income. People who want to make a change but aren’t quite sure where to start or how to overcome challenges. I’ve coached people across the world from Shanghai to San Francisco. My clients have included CEOs and sex workers, doctors and computer specialists, TV producers and school principals. They come from every gender and sexuality. They bring a wide range of challenges that we work on together. 

My clients all have two things in common: a desire to have a better life, and a need to put everything on the table without fear or shame. My clients know that I’m experienced, non-judgemental and empathetic. They know that my coaching is confidential which means that they know that they can discuss any part of their life, be it what happens in the boardroom or the bedroom. I help them to examine all aspects of their lives. It’s not uncommon for the topic of a conversation to veer from office politics to kinky practices and back again as we look for patterns, drivers and behaviors that require consideration to make real change.

So, this year, give your future self the gift of lasting change. You’ll look back in December 2022 on your best year yet. Think big but start small.  Visit my website and contact me – www.englishleathermaster.com, and you can set up a complimentary Experience Coaching call. We’ll discuss the changes you want to make and how they will change your life for the better. 

Happy New Year.



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