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Fiction Reunion celebrates 30 Years of The Cross with ALL proceeds going to MIND

Once upon a time, King’s Cross was the place to go out in London. Much of that was down to a club called The Cross, which opened its doors for the first time thirty years ago and relaunched last year at a nearby address after a 15-year hiatus. One of the longest-running nights at the venue was Fiction, which some dancers might have hazy recollections of. For one night only, Fiction’s returning at The Cross with three of the original DJs in tow — Justin Ballard, Harj, and Miguel Pellitero.

If you want to make a civilised evening of it, you can get dinner in the restaurant before hitting the dance floor, but at the same time, you’re just as welcome to treat the whole night as a time-travel exercise to the early 00s and have it large. All the proceeds go to MIND, so you can wallow in nostalgia knowing you’re actually doing good.

In February 2000 Fiction opened its doors for the first time at 10.30pm at The Cross in
King’s Cross, London. The Cross was a unique venue spread across several arches and
had a wonderful terrace, full of exotic plants and sofas directly off the arches, giving the
place a truly Mediterranean feel. Thanks to the electric atmosphere provided by a mixed
orientation, cosmopolitan crowd, and incredible house music sets played by resident
DJ’s, Fiction soon became the place to be on Fridays.

People flocked to King’s Cross every Friday to enjoy the sounds and sights of Fiction
which has since become a clubbing legend. The music, the people, and the vibe all
combined to create a Friday institution loved and enjoyed by many. Fiction produced
more parties at The Cross than any other promotion over our 7-year residency.

Lee Freeman – “We’re delighted to be bringing back this diamond of a Friday nighter to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Cross. We will celebrate and try to recreate a glimpse of how special those days were. We look forward to a second chance to build on the solid foundations of the newly relaunched Cross on Wharfdale Road, raising some money for a hugely deserving charity and bringing everyone together to dance to the best naughty, driving underground house anthems from back in the day!

Please join us as Fiction celebrates 30 years of The Cross with DJs Justin Ballard, Harj & Miguel Pellitero at the helm – The Originals!”

Again all proceeds will be donated to MIND. Limited Advance tickets are £10 / More on the door


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