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FETISH WEEK LONDON 2024 Kinks Off In Style!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…if you’ve got a dirty mind and a wardrobe stuffed full of outlandish kink gear. Yes, it’s Recon’s Fetish Week London 2024 and there are some pretty tasty-looking events coming up — here’s our pick of the bunch.


When it comes to the London leather scene, there’s one man who sits on ttop of the pile and that’s Brew Hunter. Over the years, he’s put on some of the most hardcore parties this city has ever seen and Hunter on Thursday 4th July looks set to be another. Electrowerkz will be transformed into a real sleaze-pit, complete with vintage porno cinema, cigar alley, cottaging toilets and heaps of cruising space.


It might surprise those unfamiliar with the week-long celebration to learn that Fetish Week isn’t all about sex. OK, there’s a lot of sex, but there’s normally a couple
of cultural events in the mix, too. Case in point, the annual Fetish Cabaret at the RVT. Lolo Brow is hosting the evening for the first time and will oversee a wildly eclectic mix of comedy, burlesque and circus acts, all with a kinky bent.




This is the pinnacle of the week, a huge blowout for kinky souls from all corners of the fetish world. Expect huge crowds of geared-up guys, all exploring Electrowerkz’s collection of dance floors, cruise zones and specialist areas (in the past, that’s included a watersports room and BDSM space). There’s also a VIP lounge if you fancy making a special occasion

of it, but the real fun happens out with the riff-raff…


How to end an experience as rewarding, interesting and downright fun as Fetish Week?
You meet up again with new friends and raise a toast at the Spit Roast Social. This will take place at EGG London and be more of a relaxed affair with food, entertainment
and maybe even a game or two. That being said, punters are still encouraged to get fully geared up. You can even get bottomless drinks for an hour if you so choose.



Fetishes are a complicated beast. Yes, they’re all about self-discovery, but people often learn what they’re into from others into the same thing. That’s why there’s a Masterclass event happening in the middle of the week with a number of talks, demonstrations and discussions taking place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a grizzled veteran, you’re sure to come away with some new insights.

Recon Fetish Week takes until Sunday 7th July.

Head to fetishweek.com for the full schedule of events.



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