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Expanding The Electro-Market with the New ElectraStim KIX

E-stim can be a divisive type of play amongst many consumers; either they’re total converts to the unique sensations, or the idea of using anything with the word ‘electro’ in it turns them off completely. But often the latter have never tried electro stimulation designed by a specialist- if at all. Instead, many people’s first introduction to electro relies on cheaper ‘off the shelf’ options that don’t accurately reflect how diverse and pleasurable the stimulation can be when designed by specialists.

ElectraStim has always championed the message that electro isn’t necessarily for everyone, but everyone with even a little curiosity should try it at least once. However, there are some undeniable barriers to entry that a lot of beginners will experience. With many electro products on the market advertising themselves as a ‘shock’ product or for delivering an electrical ‘jolt’ it’s no wonder that many people are put off by the language used around the category. Couple that with a mediocre (or bad) experience and the user may never want to experiment further.

ElectraStim not only avoids all these terms but aim to reframe the perception of electro-sex and highlight the incredible versatility of this type of stimulation. Alongside confusing terminology, until this point quality electro sex gear has also been prohibitively expensive for a lot of beginners (who don’t yet know if they enjoy the sensations).

Shipping in August, ElectraStim is proud to announce KIX, a brand-new stimulator aimed for the beginner market and retailing at an attractive price point for everyone.

Utilising 20 years of experience creating some of the most popular electro products on the market, ElectraStim have gone back to the very beginning of the electro-journey with KIX. Designed especially for beginner’s, KIX is an introductory stimulator with enough power and modes to show off the variety of electro-stimulation while keeping the operation simple for the user.

In a further departure from tradition, KIX also does away with numerical intensity levels which will often mean nothing to a newcomer. Instead, the intensity of KIX is displayed using a colour-changing central LED that phases through an intensity spectrum with silky smoothness for a more controlled and subtle experience. Cooler colours visually represent lower intensities while warmer colours highlight the more intense levels. By phasing through a colour spectrum instead of numbered levels ElectraStim aims for KIX users to focus more on what they’re feeling rather than which level they’ve ‘managed to get to’. To further enhance the simplicity, KIX uses Touchpad controls for seamless phasing through the intensity spectrum.

Additionally, with the brand new ‘Sweep n Keep’ mode exclusive to KIX, users can also control the frequency of the stimulation as well as the intensity for an enormous range of different sensation combinations. In simple terms, the frequency of the current changes the ‘smoothness’ of the stimulation; higher frequencies feel smoother and more tickly while lower frequencies are more rumbly and similar to vibrations. By playing around with intensity and frequency users will be able to experience just how unique electro-sex can be. One of the most interesting characteristics of electro is how different it can feel for each person- or even every time you try it!

Heavily influenced by years of customer and retail stockist feedback, KIX opens the door to a whole new audience of users and future electro enthusiasts focused on experimentation and fuelling their curiosity.

Pre-orders are open now and highly recommended to secure stock of what ElectraStim are anticipating will be a popular SKU.

All orders should be sent to info@electrastim.com

KIX Specifications:

–       Single Output

–       Colour spectrum of stepless intensity control- approx 40 seconds from beginning to end if intensity UP is continuously held.

​​-   ‘Sweep n Keep’ frequency select mode

–       Unique ‘colour-phase’ LED display

–       Touchpad intensity controls

–       5 pre-programmed patterns

–       Pocket-sized design with soft-touch finish

–       USB rechargeable – approx. 3 hours continuous play (depending on intensity)

–       Compatible with all ElectraStim intro and surface play accessories

–       Multi-language instructions included (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, IT)

–       Free Extendable Warranty (3 years)


  • KIX Stimulator
  • 2 x conductive pads
  • ElectraStim output cable
  • USB micro charging cable
  • Microfibre storage bag

RRP   £69.00         

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