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EXCLUSIVE First play: Summer anthem “Que Bonita” by True Religion

True Religion’s new video for their Summer Anthem ‘Que Bonita’ has a powerful and important message:

“With the video for Que Bonita, True Religion shows that love, like music, has no barriers. We felt it was important to make a video that challenged antiquated industry standards to create an inclusive space. It was time to challenge the dance scene’s objectification of women that emphasises outdated models of beauty and capture the freedom and spirit of the genre’s roots. The women in the video disregard their old age and embrace their sexuality, identities, and have a great a time after an extended period of lockdown proving that no matter who you are or where you are from there is always time, place, and will to have fun and a share in a good time.”

And guess What?  It’s a total Summer BOP!

It is no secret that for decades now, the dance scene has presented a problematic view of women – often objectifying them to cater to the straight male gaze, that for so long has dominated the genre.

In returning to the essence of the music though, duo True Religion are hellbent on showing that music and feeling good are rights for everyone regardless of age, gender, and sexuality, in the sensational video for the summer’s most inviting track Que Bonita.

Opting to highlight women as those in their own rights rather than something to be ogled by men, the video depicts an older same-sex female couple as they soak in the sun-kissed Spanish background that the track itself was conceived in.

Que Bonita presents those from demographics unlikely to be seen in a traditional summer music video as an invitation for all to take part. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are or who you love – everyone has the right to have fun and let loose!

This new wave of thinking is the result of the unlikely duo of True Religion – DJ Danny Eagle, legend of the house scene from East London to Ibiza, and Carlos Perez-Carracedo, neuroscientist and mind manager to the stars. In the mix of Perez-Carracedo’s years of experience studying the mind at Harvard and in California, with the rich creative spirit that fuels Danny Eagle, the pair combine their passions for music and spirituality to create a sonic experience truly like no other.

“Que Bonita” by True Religion is available to download, stream and play in all the usual places.

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