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Everything you need to know about SKALP

It’s time to sashay again! 

We know for many guys that their hair is EVERYTHING, and when it starts to thin, it can knock your confidence big time! But, unfortunately, for many guys, they never feel comfortable adjusting to their new look, either!

The great news is that a hair tattoo or scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) – gives you the perfect solution.

Our friends at Skalp are leading providers of this non-surgical treatment, with great online reviews from happy customers and excellent aftercare.

Roy’s Results

What is a head tattoo?

Unlike a hair transplant, the SKALP technique requires surgery, meaning no scars!

Skalp‘s qualified practitioners apply a tattoo to the surface of your scalp. It is permanent, and the experts at SKALP can match it to your existing hair colour and contour your existing hairline if that’s what you’re after!

They can even offer a full mock-up of how you’ll look with your new hair-do.

To give you additional confidence, all SKALP‘s

practitioners at Skalp have used the treatment themselves, so they can answer any questions or concerns you might have first hand.

Michael’s results

What does it involve?

Whether you are worried about receding hair, are going partially bald, or have lost all of your hair, Skalp have a solution to help, and their friendly team can guide you through the process.

Treatment usually takes 2-3 sessions to complete, and luckily there is no pain involved.

Once finished, all you have to do is shave your scalp every 1-3 days to shorten any growing hairs. Leaving you to focus on looking and feeling great!

THE SKALP team are a super friendly bunch, ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

You can contact them on 0845 094 1516 or by emailing info@skalp.com to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 

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