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Friday, July 19, 2024

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Area Central London & Soho


18jul(jul 18)1:00 pm19(jul 19)1:00 amVault 139 ThursdaysCentral London's Favourite Cruise Bar

18jul(jul 18)6:00 pm19(jul 19)1:00 amBeyotchqueer bitchy house music

18jul(jul 18)9:00 pm19(jul 19)3:00 amSinnersget ready for a night to remember

18jul(jul 18)10:00 pm19(jul 19)2:00 amTemptationEvery thursday at Zodiac

18jul(jul 18)10:00 pm19(jul 19)3:00 amChicThe best floor filling Disco House and club R & B!

19jul(jul 19)12:00 pm20(jul 20)12:00 amSweatbox SohoOpen 24 hours / 7 days a week

19jul(jul 19)1:00 pm20(jul 20)1:00 amVault 139 FridaysCentral London's Favourite Cruise Bar

19jul4:00 pm8:00 pmBar Soho Happy HourMid week discount on drinks

19jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

19jul7:00 pm9:00 pmFun & Gaymes Campbaret Nightfun and Campbaret entertainment

19jul(jul 19)8:00 pm20(jul 20)12:00 amThe Friday Night ShowYour Friday night Cabaret

19jul(jul 19)8:00 pm20(jul 20)12:00 amCabaret Every Friday NightFriday Night Cabaret At The Admiral Duncan

19jul(jul 19)8:30 pm20(jul 20)12:00 pmBeer Bears BeatsEvery Saturday at The Kings Arms

19jul9:00 pm11:00 pmThe Z DollZ Friday Cabaret Show!Watch the DollZ kick Ass

19jul(jul 19)9:00 pm20(jul 20)12:00 amThrowback FridaysEvery Friday at Comptons

19jul(jul 19)9:00 pm20(jul 20)1:00 amThe Friday EditionDJ James Bartlett bringing the best house

20jul(jul 20)12:00 pm21(jul 21)12:00 amSweatbox SohoOpen 24 hours / 7 days a week

20jul1:00 pm3:00 pmSoulful Saturdays With Miles Elliotstart your Saturday Soulful Style

20jul(jul 20)1:00 pm21(jul 21)1:00 amVault 139 SaturdaysCentral London's Favourite Cruise Bar

20jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

20jul(jul 20)5:00 pm21(jul 21)12:00 amCabaret Every Saturday NightSaturday night cabaret at the admiral duncan

20jul6:00 pm9:00 pmSaturday Warm Up With Cutmorethe perfect vibe for your Saturday night

20jul(jul 20)8:00 pm21(jul 21)1:00 amSweetDJ Heidi Licious takes the stage

20jul(jul 20)8:30 pm21(jul 21)12:00 pmBeer Bears BeatsEvery Saturday at The Kings Arms

20jul(jul 20)9:00 pm21(jul 21)12:00 amDJ Lil-E At The WellyPop and Dance All Night Long

20jul(jul 20)9:00 pm21(jul 21)12:00 amThe Haus DownGet ready to dance the night away at Comptons

20jul(jul 20)9:00 pm21(jul 21)2:00 amTFNA thriving party night for guys without attitude

20jul(jul 20)9:00 pm21(jul 21)3:00 amSaturday Sessions With DJ Brancoan unforgettable Saturday night at Bar Soho

20jul(jul 20)10:00 pm21(jul 21)12:00 amSaturday Night DivaSaturday Nights just got sickening!

20jul(jul 20)10:00 pm21(jul 21)4:00 amJumanji Partya wild night of Brazilian/Spanish Circuit heaven

20jul(jul 20)11:00 pm21(jul 21)4:00 amSummer ClubbingAll Summer Long

21jul(jul 21)12:00 am22(jul 22)12:00 amNaked WorkoutsEvery Saturday At Sweatbox

21jul(jul 21)1:00 pm22(jul 22)1:00 amVault 139 SundaysLondon's busiest cruise bar

21jul3:30 pm7:30 pmCK SundayEvery Sunday at Halfway to Heaven

21jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

21jul6:00 pm11:00 pmSunday Karaoke Fun With Alotta Kümmrelease the inner Diva with our Karaoke

21jul6:30 pm10:30 pmYour Sunday TonicDance all night long with a wide mix of music

21jul7:00 pm9:30 pmBusy Lady Bingo With Shelia Simmondsbingo madness every Sunday

21jul8:00 pm10:30 pmTwos CompanyTwo's Company Cabaret Every Sunday

21jul8:00 pm11:30 pmSunday BestThe Best DJ In Soho

21jul(jul 21)10:00 pm22(jul 22)12:00 amKlub DivasWeekly Drag showcase

22jul(jul 22)12:00 am23(jul 23)12:00 amHard Up MondayEvery Monday at Sweatbox

22jul12:00 pm11:00 pmOn Mondays We SlayBringing you drink offers every monday

22jul(jul 22)12:00 pm23(jul 23)12:00 amFriends Of DorothyDrink promotions at the Welly

22jul(jul 22)1:00 pm23(jul 23)1:00 amVault 139 MondaysCentral London's Favourite Cruise Bar

22jul3:00 pm11:00 pmSuper Mondaya night of drag, DJ beats, and a happy hour every monday

22jul4:00 pm8:00 pmBar Soho Happy HourMid week discount on drinks

22jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

22jul7:00 pm11:30 pmKaraoke Showdown With Saffron SlayterKaraoke Every Monday With Saffron Slayter

22jul(jul 22)9:00 pm23(jul 23)1:00 amMonday Mayhemthe perfect way to kick off your week

22jul(jul 22)9:30 pm23(jul 23)12:00 amSing!All Request Karaoke Only At Ku Bar

22jul(jul 22)10:00 pm23(jul 23)3:00 amKinky KabaretWest End’s finest performing for their peers.

23jul(jul 23)12:00 am24(jul 24)12:00 amZero For HeroesEvery Tuesday at Sweatbox

23jul1:00 pm1:00 pmVault 139 TuesdaysCentral London's Favourite Cruise Bar

23jul4:00 pm8:00 pmBar Soho Happy HourMid week discount on drinks

23jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

23jul6:00 pm8:00 pmLive Music With Alessandro GugelEvery Tuesday at Bar Soho

23jul(jul 23)7:00 pm24(jul 24)1:00 amCabaret & Karaoke Madness With Luna CortezRelease your inner star with karaoke at Zodiac

23jul7:15 pm11:00 pmBig Bear QuizBig Bear Quiz Every Tuesday

23jul8:00 pm10:00 pmRetro Bar QuizEvery Tuesday at Retro Bar

23jul8:00 pm10:30 pmMother Tucking TuesdaysEvery Tuesday At Halfway To Heaven

23jul8:00 pm11:00 pmThe Pop Kidsa night dedicated to the PET SHOP BOYS

23jul(jul 23)8:00 pm24(jul 24)12:00 amThe Original Busy Lady BingoEvery Tuesday at the Welly

23jul9:00 pm11:30 pmTuneful Tuesday With Wilma BallsdropEvery Tuesday With Wilma Ballsdrop

23jul(jul 23)10:00 pm24(jul 24)3:00 amAnthemsThe soundtrack of our lives

23jul(jul 23)10:30 pm24(jul 24)1:00 amDragaoke! The Karaoke Night Hosted By Drag Royalty

24jul(jul 24)12:00 am25(jul 25)12:00 amMid Week Foam PartiesEvery Wednesday At Sweatbox

24jul(jul 24)1:00 pm25(jul 25)1:00 amVault 139 Wednesdays CENTRAL LONDON'S FAVOURITE CRUISE BAR.

24jul4:00 pm8:00 pmBar Soho Happy HourMid week discount on drinks

24jul4:00 pm9:00 pmHappy Hour At Villagethe best Happy Hour in town

24jul(jul 24)6:00 pm25(jul 25)1:00 amLatin WednesdaysDJ Suki Rae Brings The Flavour

24jul7:00 pm10:00 pmThe Stand Up Club New Comedian Of The YearGet ready for a night of laughter

24jul(jul 24)7:00 pm25(jul 25)12:00 amDidnt They Do Welly QuizHead over to the Welly for Soho's best lgbtq+ quiz!

24jul8:00 pm10:00 pmAnything But Numbers Bingoa night of fun and excitement at our Bingo

24jul(jul 24)8:00 pm25(jul 25)2:00 amKaraoke With Luna Cortez & Martin Wiberga night of non-stop singing, dancing & pure entertainment

24jul8:30 pm11:30 pmHumpGet ready to be entertained by DJ Barbara

24jul(jul 24)10:00 pm25(jul 25)3:00 amHigh On HeelsCelebrate an evening with the best Drag and Divas in the West End!