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ESMALE: Things that make you go hmmmm

It is all about satisfaction at esmale. They just want you to feel good as often as you can. Luckily, they have a warehouse full of products that will deliver great sensations and will make you go hmmm and aahhhh! 

Finding the right product is the trick though. Firstly, you need to ask yourself what your pleasure is. A party in the rear might just be the thing that puts a smile on your face. Or are you better pleased with some premium manhood stimulation? Maybe getting your kicks from gay fetish gear, BDSM, electro or nipple play is more your thing.

Whatever it is, esmale will have something in store for you. For more details on how to get the most intense sessions we have highlighted some great products ranges for all the above pleasure sensations.

A party in the rear.

Many esmale customers are after a good seeing too and who can blame them, it’s a great feeling. Before we go into some excellent recommendations, we suggest that you prepare before play. Essentials on the check list are making sure you have a good lube and have an anal douche before you get started. 

  1. The thrusting of it all.

For those that enjoy the penetrating feeling, we recommend something from our huge collection of dildos for men.  They have dildos in all shapes and sizes and some of them vibrate or rotate for extra stimulation. Make sure you get the right size and note big is not always better. The best-selling size is around 7”, 8” inches but esmale have toys that go up to 24 inches, ouch! 

  1. Hit that spot

A different type of anal pleasure is focussing on the P-spot. Rather than the thrusting movement, this is focused on stimulating that spot and maximising your orgasm. Prostate massagers are mostly used for this. Again, you can get some vibrating versions of these, as well as electrical ones.  The waterproof ones are particularly popular, bath time has never been so much fun! 

Treat your Manhood.

We all love a good tug now and again but trust me when I say there are ways to get much more out of these fun times:

  1. Hot Octopuss 

The people behind the Hot Octopuss toys know what they are talking about, in fact a lot of their products come from proper in-depth research. These are masturbators with that will provide you with an orgasm so strong it will knock you for 6. Try the Jett, these are designed for hands free action. In recent years most masturbator suppliers like Fleshjack  and others have really upped their game and good times can be had with all of them.  

  1. Ready for some pain?

Another way to please your manhood might involve some pain to start with. Sounding is so much more popular than we thought it would be. We have not had the courage yet to do it but from the feedback, esmale are getting it is the kind of pain that feels so good. After a while the pain is no longer there and all that remains is pure pleasure. Sounding is on our to do list, but we can guarantee you we will start with a very small. 

Not your standard toys

In addition to the anal and cock toys tools there are some more fetish orientated areas on our store for kinky fun that is enjoyed by many of our customers. These are the two most popular areas.

  1. BDSM

Being in control or losing all control is a big thing in sexual play. To that end we have some great gear that is perfect for tying each other up in various ways and positions. From the bondage starter kit, over the door sling and hog ties. To the simpler ropes, tapes, and leg spreader. There is so much to choose from, why not add a blindfold or face mask to the proceedings, he won’t see you coming!    

  1. Nipple Play

This is a funny one as you are either into it or not. Whether it is sucking, pegging, clamping, or rolling a pinwheel over them, nipple can provide some much extra stimulation to many men.  Various customers simple buy nipple pumps just to make them look as big as possible. Something many find super-hot.

There you have it, a small selection of things that make you go hmmmm. There are many other options for some serious good fun, and you will find all of them on esmale’s online store. Always make sure you are fully stocked up on lube and for those that like it you can get some gay poppers from their sister store Popper Super Shop. 

Keep up to date with everything ESMALE -www.esmale.com 

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