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Electrosex Part 2: We chat more to the experts at Electrastim

Following on from last weeks insight into ElectroSex and now you know what electro-stimulation is and how it works, this week we’ll go through all the different types of electro-powered accessories available and what they all feel like. When talking about electro accessories you’ll often find ‘unipolar’ or ‘bipolar’ detailed in the information; essentially this just tells you whether the toy can work alone, or it needs a companion. Unipolar toys need to be used in pairs to complete the electro circuit, but you can choose your combination of pads, cock rings or sounds to provide the sensations you’re after. Bipolar toys on the other hand complete the circuit within themselves, so you only need this one accessory. Bipolar is more common in dildos, anal toys or male strokers. 

Essentially, if your toy has one connection socket, you’ll need two of them, but if it has two sockets to plug into then you can use it by itself. 

All electro toys need to be connected to and powered by a stimulator unit. At ElectraStim we offer a wide range of units that vary in features, power and price to give you plenty of choice no matter your experience or budget.

We’ll go into more depth about stimulators and their features in a later article, but if you’re just starting out with electro, our KIX Introductory Stimulator is the perfect place to start. Not only is it an attractive price, but it boasts plenty of power and even includes some conductive pads to get you started straight-away. 


Conductive Pads

These self-adhesive pads are probably the first electro-sex accessory you’ll come across as they’re included with all our stimulators. Sold as packs of 4, you’ll need to use a pair of pads each time to complete the circuit as they are unipolar; so, it may be that you wear one pad on each thigh or on your bum. Alternatively, you can wear one and your partner can wear the other- your bodies then complete the circuit when you touch.

What Does It Feel Like?

Depending on the level of intensity you select on your stimulator, conductive pads can feel tingly or like pleasurable pins and needles. At higher levels they can cause your muscles to contract rhythmically, so these feel particularly good on your bum. You can even use your stimulator to create a ‘virtual spank’ sensation.

Cock Rings/Loops

Cock toys are our best-selling category of accessory and come in two different types- non-adjustable and adjustable. 

Our non-adjustable cock rings are made from aircraft grade aluminium billet that has been painstakingly machined for a smooth and comfortable finish. As there’s no flexibility in these toys it’s vital that you measure your erect penis to get the correct size for you. Once in place, these rings can be left in place for your entire play session and will work just like regular cock rings to keep you harder for longer. The holes in the design are used to ‘trap’ conductive gel which is vital for use with all external toys to improve connectivity and make the sensations smoother and more pleasurable. 


Adjustable cock rings on the other hand work exactly how the name suggests. Made from conductive rubber, these loops can be tightened or loosened depending on your preference. Both types of cock rings must be used in pairs, or with another accessory as they are unipolar.

What Does It Feel Like?

When using our favourite configuration of a loop or ring at the base of the shaft (or behind the balls if comfortable) and the other just under the glans against the frenulum you can create a moving/throbbing sensation that can feel like an invisible hand stroking you! Using this method, Hands Free Orgasm is possible. Placement of the cock rings is totally up to your preference though, so experiment to see what works for you. 

A generous slick of Conductive Gel on the inside of the loops is recommended for the best possible sensation. 

Dildos, Butt Plugs and Prostate Massagers

Penetrative toys like these come in many shapes and sizes but no matter how experienced you are, when you introduce electro-stimulation to the equation everything changes! ElectraStim insertables are all bipolar toys so can be used by themselves without the need for other accessories. 

What Does It Feel Like? 

Using e-stim internally produces a completely unique set of sensations that are totally different to what you’ll experience with external toys like the pads or cock rings. Internally electro has a closer connection to your muscles and nerve endings so it can create pulsating, throbbing muscular contractions that feel a lot like a prolonged climax. Prostate massage in particular is taken to a whole new level as the shape of the toy nudges against the prostate itself while the electro causes your body to contract around it. Many e-stim users are also able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm with penetrative play.

A good quality water based lubricant should always be used (not silicone as it’s an electrical insulator!) 

Fetish Gear


Fetish toys are what a lot of people picture when you talk about e-stim. Usually made of metal or leather these products are designed to show off the intensity possible with electro-sex and how much the sensations can swing into ‘pain for pleasure’ territory if you want them to.

What Does It Feel Like?

ElectraStim’s fetish toys are designed to produce intense sensations and are highly rated by experienced e-stim fans. The electro paddle has an plain leather and an electro side that is designed to be used one after the other. Spank as hard as you wish with the leather side then caress the skin with the electro side. This brings the blood to the surface of the skin even more for a delicious sting. 

Conductive gel is vital for use with fetish toys to properly conduct the current to your skin. 

For more information about any ElectraStim toys or e-stim in general, contact ElectraStim on Twitter: @ElectraStim


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