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EAGLE LONDON Presents: Madonna Christmas Celebration

Missed the Queen of Pop on her recent visit to the O2? No worries — Melissa Totten’s uncannily accurate tribute act is heading to Eagle London this month and we caught up with Melissa to fin out more!

Hi Melissa,
Take us back to the beginning…when did you first start performing as Madonna and how did it all start?
It actually started at a little gay club in Chicago called Berlin.  They hired me for their Truth or Dare party (that’s the American title for “In Bed with Madonna” ). I wore a white hotel bathrobe and had to play Truth or Dare onstage all night.  I distinctly remember I had to…. never mind.
What’s your personal favorite Madonna era? Is it a particular track or a particular look?
For me the Virgin Tour still takes me back. I saw that tour. I think it was 1985, and my ticket was $14.25. Erotica, Music, Confessions, Ray of Light… They are always markers for me.
Your audiences are always amazed at how accurately you recreate her outfits…do you have a team of costumiers who put the costumes together for you?
I wish! I make nearly everything. More from sheer will than skill.  The last thing I made was a white and rainbow version of the Confessions Tour equestrian look for Pride.
People say you look more like Madonna than Madonna, have you ever been mistaken for her?
Spotting a celebrity was a completely different sport before the internet, so anything felt possible.  It used to happen all the time in the 80s and 90s. The crew and pilot of an Air France jet thought I was Madonna, just sitting in coach being incognito. So they insisted that I move to First Class then they moved me into the cockpit while the plane landed over Auckland, New Zealand. I just kept laughing and showing them my passport.
You’ve performed around the world, what’s your favorite country or city to visit?
I loved my three months in Japan and wish I could go back.  I’ve spent about nine of the last 26 years performing in Berlin, it feels a little like home to be there. I also love Sitges.  There are so many places I’d love to go back to.
Have you seen Madonna’s ‘Celebration’ Tour? What did you think?
I am catching her on her way back through London in December and even though she’ll look like a blonde and from my seat, I can’t wait.
You’re bringing a new acoustic show to Eagle London for Christmas. How did this come about? Tell us more!
Remember Covid, when the only (ONLY!) live theater that was running in all of London and New York was happening in the garden at Eagle?  We were playing with the idea of a stripped down intimate concert with a full band, then the second lockdown came and plans changed. Until now!
What can people expect from your ‘Madonna Christmas Celebration’?
This presentation is totally stripped back, just piano. I say “just piano”, but with Paul Rahme (YouTube) on the keys, I don’t think you’ll know what hit you.  We are digging deep and I hope we pull out some real surprises for Madonna lovers.
I’m also delighted (and relieved!) that MUA Nikki Marriott will be painting me up, with Neil Lucas on hair.
(on set: video shoot for Duran Duran)
And finally… If you could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would it be?
A cellist for “Falling Free” and a gospel choir for “Like a Prayer”.


Tuesday 12th to Friday15th December, Doors 7pm, Show 8pm,

Eagle London, 349 Kennington

Lane, SE11 5QY.

Nearest Station: Vauxhall, buy tickets at eaglelondon.com

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