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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole joins the Gay London Life team!!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a very special addition to our fabulous team.

We would like to introduce to you all, Drag Race UK Royalty, Cheryl Hole. Cheryl is going to be taking over the mantle of our in-house “Dragony Aunt” here to help all you lovely people with any issues you might like her to solve, with a brand new monthly column.

Cheryl Hole: The Diva’s Dragony Aunt


Cheryl: ‘Have we got any concerned & stressed divas that need some support? Don’t fret dolls, cos I’m here, your mediocre queen of Essex Cheryl Hole, to give you all the advice/support/love you need to get you back on your feet as your Dragony Aunt.

I can guarantee you this advice will be far from mediocre and I’m so excited to share my wisdom of the world and help solve all your problems whether it’s as big as how to break up with your boyfriend to the small stuff like which takeaway to have for din dins.

I cannot wait to chat with you all each month in Gay London Life so make sure you submit your Dragony Aunt questions to cheryl@gaylondonlife.co.uk and let’s get you all feeling like STARS again! ‘

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