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Thousands attend first ever “Reclaim Pride” event

#ReclaimPride London March took place last Saturday 24 July 2021 and what an event it was.. Attended by thousands of LGBTQI plus people and their allies.

After the normal date for London Pride was moved, The #ReclaimPride march replaced the traditional Pride in London parade, which is postponed until 11 September. It is being sponsored by Diva magazine, UK Black Pride, and the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Peter was head of organising to Tell Boris: Stop stalling on LGBTI+ rights!

ReclaimPride marched via Downing Street and the Uganda High Commission in Trafalgar Square, they paused to respectively protest against the government’s stalling on LGBT+ rights and Uganda’s persecution of LGBT+ people.

This community-led march gets back to the roots of Pride, being both a celebration and a protest for LGBT+ rights, with five key LGBT+ liberation demands:

Ban LGBT+ conversion therapy

Reform the Gender Recognition Act

Safe haven for LGBT+ refugees

Decriminalisation of LGBT+ people worldwide

Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

#ReclaimPride puts our human rights back into Pride. Every marcher was urged to make and bring a placard highlighting a LGBT+ issue that concerns them. The point of the march was to make Pride once again an event where our ongoing demands for LGBT+ liberation can be seen and heard.

Check out the best photos from Reclaim Pride, here:
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